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Welcome to a series of articles or 'sessions' (designed originally as scripts for a verbal presentation) on a Survey of Old Testament History, as viewed through Jewish eyes. Note that the Hebrew Scriptures or 'TANAKH’, is shared with Gentile Christians as the Old Testament. In what follows, we explore the sweep of time from the moment of creation through the Inter-testamental Period, beyond the end of the Hebrew Scriptures; which next lead one on to the New Testament. And note that this Testament is perhaps best referred to as the 'new covenant' to which Jeremiah refers (Jer 31:31). This new covenant is referred to here at times as the b'rit chadashah (i.e., new covenant in Hebrew).

If you have been viewing our main Time Line at WindowView, you will also notice 'Historical Overview' buttons that link to pop-up windows that present shorter segments from the articles presented here. These mini-segments appear at the appropriate and relevant points along the time line.

This is a portion of a more extensive historical overview prepared by Mr. Charles Quigley. Select the more inclusive "sessions" for the TANAKH SURVEY (from the menu on the left) to view the overview in its entirety. This historical overview was originally created for oral presentations that cover Israel's history from its origin to a period leading to the 'Current Era' (CE). See note below on use of this presentation material. © 2003

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