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Apologetics & Messianic Book List

Many of the following titles support the information used to develop the Window View site and The Creator's Window. Section headings are indicated to group titles by their primary subject area. In some cases a title may fit with more than one heading alone.


Highly Recommended

Titles presented here are valuable resources, some are easier to read, others are information rich requiring study to fully comprehend. Titles that seek to reach a general readership, in spite of technical topics that are included, appear in color. Suggested as best first titles to read appear underlined.

Book Covers or BookStore buttons on the right (see below) link to where for many titles you'll find reader reviews as well as a way to buy the book.

Topics Listed Below: Apologetics | Bible Study | Messianic Studies | Prophecy | Science & Faith | Other

-- Apologetics

The Compact Guide to World Religions. 1996. by Dean C. Halverson, General Editor ISBN 1-55661-704-6
When Skeptics Ask - A Handbook on Christian Evidences. 1990. By Norman Geisler and Ron Brooks ISBN 0-89693-766-6
[Comprehensive coverage to account for answers to the broad spectrum of a skeptic's questions—an excellent book, well grounded, sound reasoning]
When Critics Ask - A Popular Handbook on Bible Difficulties. 1992. By Norman Geisler and Thomas Howe ISBN 0-89693-698-8
I'm Glad You Asked - In Depth Answers to Difficult Questions about Christianity. 1982. By Kenneth Boa and Larry Moody. ISBN 0-88207-354-0
[Flow charts and comprehensive logic directs the reader to reasoning that is constructive and conclusive]
The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict Fully Updated To Answer The Questions Challenging Christians Today. By Josh McDowell  
Know Why You Believe. 1988. 3rd edition. By Paul Little. ISBN 0-8308-1218-0  
Answering Islam - The Crescent in the Light of the Cross. 1993. by Norman L. Geisler and Abdul Saleeb. ISBN 0-8010-3859-6
Unapologetic Apologetics: Meeting the Challenges of Theological Studies by William A. Dembski (Editor), Jay Wesley Richards  


-- Bible Study

God's Man in Babylon - The Visions and Prophecies of Daniel. 1994. By Harold A. Sevener ISBN 1882675-02-9

Footsteps of Messiah - A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events. 2003. By Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

Newly revised edition released early 2003
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Footsteps of Messiah - A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events. 1982. By Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M., Ph.D. ISBN 0-914863-02-9

[An amazing, intense, sometimes complex book, but worth diligent study to really see the mechanics, purpose, and blessing of the Scriptures — integrates issues and themes across all the scriptures and thus reveals numerous interrelationships that exist in the text.]

Out of Print

Israel's Holy Days - In Type and Prophecy, by Daniel Fuchs. 1989. ISBN 0-87213-198-X
God's Appointed Times - A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holidays. New Edition. By Barney Kasdan.
Names of God. 1944. By Nathan Stone ISBN 0-8024-5854-8


-- Messianic Studies

Jewish New Testament. 1989. Translation by David H. Stern ISBN 965-359-003-0
Messianic Christology. 1998. By Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M., Ph.D. Available from Ariel Ministries, P.O. Box 3723, Tustin, CA 92781; (714) 259-4800.
[Clearly demonstrates presence of Yeshua in the Hebrew text—To see Jesus in this light reveals Jewish roots to the entire set of Scriptures]
The Messiah in the Old Testament. 1995. Walter C. Kaiser. ISBN 0-310-20030-X
Torah Rediscovered - Challenging Centuries of Misinterpretation and Neglect. 1996. 1st edition. By Ariel and D'vorah Berkowitz ISBN 965-90104-0-0  

Israelology: The Missing Link in Systematic Theology. Revised edition. 1996. By Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, Th.M., Ph.D. ISBN 0-914863-05-3 [Ph.D. dissertation]  


-- Prophecy & Related

There's A New World Coming. 1973 (and later editions to 1984). Hal Lindsey ISBN 0-553-24555-4
[Note: the text of the 1973 edition is overall out of date, however, the passage-by-passage study brings out certain timeless aspects of the Bible's prophetic text, especially helpful for the discussion on church ages from start to present. AND still, sme of what was seemingly out of date is again possible due to current developments!]
The New Money System. 1982. By Mary Stewart Relfe, Ph.D. ISBN 0-9607986-1-7  
The Creator's Window - Viewing Global Change, Universal timelines & The Promise. 2000. by Todd Peterson, Ph.D. - Available here at the Window View Download Page and in the outline pages of the Second Feature Area

Unholy War -- The Truth Behind the Headlines - America, Israel, and Radical Islam. 2001. Randall Price. ISBN 0-7369-0823-4


-- Science and Faith

Being a Christian In Science. 1997. By Walter R. Hearn, Ph.D. ISBN 0-8308-1898-7  
Scientists of Faith - Forty-Eight Biographies of Historic Scientists and Their Christian Faith. 1996. By Dan Graves. ISBN 0-8254-2724-X  
Why Religion Matters: The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief. 2001. by Huston Smith.  


-- Other Titles of Interest

Redeeming Creation - The Biblical Basis for Environmental Stewardship. 1996. By Fred Van Dyke, David C. Mahan, Joseph K. Sheldon, and Raymond H. Brand. ISBN 0-8308-1872-3  
The Apocrypha. 1989. Translated by Edgar J. Goodspeed ISBN 0-679-72452-4  
Storm Warning. [Deceptive Evil Looms on the Horizon] 1992. By Billy Graham ISBN 0-913367-22-2
Walking the Bible - A Journey by Land Through the Books of Moses. 2001. By Bruce Feiler. ISBN 0-380-97775-3
The Gold of Exodus: The Discovery of the True Mount Sinai. By Howard Blum.  


The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God
by Lee Strobel
Complete Jewish Bible  
Hebrew Christianity: Its Theology, History, and Philosophy
by Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Jesus Was a Jew
by Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum


Downlad the PDF (free)

The Kingdom of the Cults
by Walter Martin
Why Believe?: Exploring the Honest Questions of Seekers
by Greg Laurie


-- Other Publications of Interest

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