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Articles in the WindowView

The Harmony Area articles appear in three parts.

The utmost respect is taken in how the articles are framed. There are two audiences, Jewish and Gentile visitors—who may come with different cultural experiences—but the topics are presented to the attention of both audiences.

There are presentations that are transcripts of dialogs, while other articles focus on themes and evidence from both the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) and the new covenant writings (historically first referred to by Jeremiah).

A most important aspect here, in Part I, pertains to Scriptures that identify the Jewish Messiah and how this applies to both Jew and Gentile alike.

A separate "Secret Place" in Part II presents short "Plain Language" topics.

Part III features information on the Jewish High Holy Days, Feast, or Festivals. These are topics sometimes misunderstood by Gentiles, even by those who read the Bible.

There are also videos of Messianic songs, dances, and messages, as well as some pages present audio only for listening to specific topical messages.

The articles are not a compromise or force what is not meant to be joined. Instead, the Harmony completes a 'key scenario' often misunderstood by both Jew and Gentile—everyone gains new perspective here. The clarification this scenario provides can shock and be a revelation to our visitors. If you do understand the value of these pages, please share with others … and let us know your comments by using our comment form. You can even write an anonymous note—a return email address is optional.

A most important aspect of the Harmony is that the biblical evidence here has no conflict with science information, when considered objectively, describes the material side to our existence. Beyond that is Scripture and the evidences provided there. Both Science and Scripture together give us a holistic, big picture view. The intent of this Window View is to let you entertain the overall harmony, consider an incredible opportunity, and fully assess information that is right there in front of you … without bias and subjectivity that often comes with an agenda for every other type of purpose. If the window is truly open, then you will discern the difference between what is objective and what is subjective. No one will do the looking for you … so this is 'your window.' With an objective view, and reliable knowledge, you can make a Step Up To Life.

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