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Time Line - Historical Overview

From the Beginning


"In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth!"

So begins our knowledge and understanding which appears in the Bible - the Hebrew Scriptures or 'TANAKH’, which is shared with Gentile Christians as the Old Testament. We know these claims to be true, as all of the known writers of the Bible have been authenticated by miraculous signs and wonders. Chief among these is Moses, who penned these opening words. A major percentage of these claims have been confirmed by Biblical Archaeology.

1. Creation

GOD created all things in six days, and He saw that they were good! While GOD made the creatures of the earth by His Word, GOD made man out of the dust of the earth and He breathed life into him - GOD’s Spirit or 'Ruach haKodesh.’ In this way, man is unique of all the creatures of the earth, created in the very image of GOD. Man by this way is given a soul!

At this point in the creation narrative in Genesis 1, it says that "GOD saw all that He had made and behold, it was very good." GOD places man and his mate in a garden where there is every good thing to eat - the man called Adam and his mate Eve, made from Adam’s body.

2. Serpent in the Garden

But then a creature enters the story, one unlike any other. He is described in ordinary enough words, but as he interacts with Eve, we recognize his character is supernatural. This is SATAN, formerly an Archangel - appearing like a creature - who by this time has fallen out of heaven.

In Isaiah 14, we read of Satan’s 'I Wills’ -

* to ascend to heaven;

* to raise his throne above the stars (or angels) of GOD;

* to sit on the Mount of the Assembly (or GOD’s throne);

* to make himself like the Most High (namely GOD himself!).

Satan the serpent entices Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit of which GOD has warned they must not eat. Satan implies that GOD has lied. Also, Satan entices -

* because the fruit is delightful to eat; and,

* to do so would give the knowledge of good and evil, TO BE LIKE GOD HIMSELF!

Enticed by the serpent’s words, Eve eats. But only by the suggestion of Eve does Adam also eat, without need of enticement. Sadly for them by their act, immediately they become separated from GOD, hiding from Him in their shame.

In response, GOD promises that the serpent’s head would be crushed (that is, Satan defeated) by the 'seed of the woman’ - that is, by a future descendant of man, a human being. But what is unusual is that his lineage would derive from (be identified by) a WOMAN, not from a MAN which is traditional. What is also unusual is that this one who would accomplish this - to destroy Satan - would have miraculous powers. But first, Satan would wound this deliverer.

3. Sin Spreads Through Creation

Terrible things follow this event in the Garden.

* Between Adam’s two sons, Satan causes jealousy to enter one so that he murders the other. GOD judges the murderer, again out of the earth from which his brother’s blood cries. Satan’s aim is to destroy the 'seed of the woman.’ (Gen.4)

* Lamech announces the 'sin of Lamech,’ in which many might be murdered in revenge against a small insult by one. (Gen.4)

* As men begin to multiply on the face of the earth, fallen angels who with Satan have turned against GOD come down to earth to intermarry with the daughters of men. Satan’s apparent aim is to corrupt the 'seed of the woman’ so that the supernatural deliverer promised by GOD can NEVER APPEAR to crush Satan.

The Bible tells us that out of this evil came the mighty men of old, men of renown. (Gen.6)

* Satan causes sin to spread through the earth.

This is a portion of a more extensive historical overview prepared by Mr. Charles Quigley. Select the more inclusive "sessions" for the TANAKH SURVEY (from the menu on the left) to view the overview in its entirety. This historical overview was originally created for oral presentations that cover Israel's history from its origin to a period leading to the 'Current Era' (CE). See note below on use of this presentation material. © 2003

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