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Timeline: Introduction | Overview | Thesis

TimeLine Introduction

First, view a short video introduction to the Window's TimeLine Area:


Next ... the OVERVIEW

The window's TimeLine serves as the 'backbone' for the window.

Events along time define the direction humanity is headed toward.

Each window area offers a separate 'key scenario' that when combined define the window's 'big picture.'

Visit the Change, Science, Harmony and Convergence areas to see the key scenarios and gather multiple perspectives that support the broader window view.

Above are two menu options concerning the timeline. The 'Overview' is a plain language explanation for the TimeLine Area. For the deeper implications to this area's revealing scenario, we have provided a 'Thesis' page.

The TimeLine is unique in that "News,""NoteBook," "Signs of the Times" and "Storm Warning" articles are linked to the TimeLine.

Finally, each WindowView area has a series of articles that present unique perspectives—each adding supporting information to the broader view. Increasingly, the data and growing evidence, when viewed objectively, are saying life on Earth is not by chance, change events and documented chronologies all fit one overarching biblical scenario that many have denied or discounted. Yet, the evidence is compelling and begs a serious look. The window looks to a horizon and all 'sight lines' compose what is to be seen ... on the horizon is our future.

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WindowView TimeLine

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SOURCES, Citations, and Reference listing.
TimeLine References:
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  • SciNews: Science News is a science news weekly generally obtained by subscription, also see:
  • Web (Internet): Occasionally we find what appear as reliable, but formally unpublished, sources on the Internet. As such these entries remain to be fully confirmed. In many cases this information is found to agree with the remainder of the timeline and the published sources used here.
  • Zondervan Corporation. 1985. The NIV Study Bible. Zondervan Bible Publishers:Grand Rapids.

For a general listing of books, visit the WindowView Book Page for: Science and Scripture .
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