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Introduction to

WindowView on Convergence

First, a short video introduction to the Window's Convergence Area:


Next ... the OVERVIEW

If you have, at the very least, visited the Introduction, Overview and Thesis pages for the other WindowView areas—on Change, Science, and Harmony, and TimeLine—it's time to think about the "big picture." Now is the opportunity to discover and summarize the vital reason for a 'Window View.'

Convergence is the process of merging the evidence from Science and Scripture, with attention to global changes on Earth, a better understanding of our life's true origin, what Scripture says about a specified and chosen group of people that are a light to the future ... and ONE very important person who is a focal point that defines our life experience and the corporate future we are all part of.

This is a window to information that goes far beyond opinion or any editorial bias. Seek the data underlying all that you see and you will agree.

We have life and thus choice. We urge you to choose to see where the convergence of driving forces leads us all!

The WindowView experience is one of reading in each main area, thinking about what you see, and then considering how the sum of the parts reveals the larger view.

Combining perspectives puts convergence in motion. Seeing the direction we are headed in is the goal of time at this window.

On the left are three more menu options. The 'Overview' is a plain language explanation for the Convergence Area. For the deeper implications to this area's revealing scenario, visit the 'Thesis' page.

Each area of the window presents articles with unique perspectives—each adding supporting information to the broader view in that area. Take a look ... the evidence is in plain sight ... this is your window of opportunity to look at what is out there. The window looks ahead to a horizon and all 'sight lines' compose what is to be seen ... on the horizon is our future.

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