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Time Line - Historical Overview


GOD Plans to Start Over

In response GOD vows to destroy almost all life by means of a great flood which covers the earth, and to start over with Noah and his descendants. (Gen.6-9)

Following the flood, GOD makes a covenant with Noah, in which GOD promises no longer to consider the destruction of all creation in order to start over. He promises this as an ETERNAL IRREVOCABLE covenant, not only to Noah’s descendants but to all creation. As a SIGN of this covenant, he causes the rainbow to appear after each rain.

In his Covenant with Noah, GOD decrees the responsibility of Government, in order to counter the sin of Lamech. "Whoever sheds the blood of man, his blood would be shed." GOD’s reason - that man was made in the image of GOD. In effect, the principle of revenge killing of an entire tribe or clan, was to be replaced by the principle of one for one - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - but no more! (Gen.9)

Also, mankind as a whole was being given responsibility to hold accountable anyone who commits murder. In this way, Government was established by GOD.

But Sin continues to spread throughout creation as the great heroes increase. We learn of Nimrod in the land of Cush, described a mighty hunter of the LORD, who later goes forth to Assyria. (The ruins of Nimrod’s castle still stand today close to Mt. Hermon in Israel, not far from Damascus, Syria.) (Gen 10)

At Babel, Satan encourages men through pride to build a great tower by their own hands to reach to heaven, in order to make a name for themselves. GOD chooses to confuse their speech, in order to stop them. (Gen.11)

BY THIS POINT, GOD has sought to stop the spread of sin by bringing the great flood, intending to begin again through Noah’s descendants. But sin continues to spread.

Meanwhile, GOD has ALREADY SAID by what means Satan would be stopped, and that man and all creation would be restored through a miraculous deliverer, the 'seed of a woman’ - someone in human flesh born of a woman.

This is a portion of a more extensive historical overview prepared by Mr. Charles Quigley. Select the more inclusive "sessions" for the TANAKH SURVEY (from the menu on the left) to view the overview in its entirety. This historical overview was originally created for oral presentations that cover Israel's history from its origin to a period leading to the 'Current Era' (CE). See note below on use of this presentation material. © 2003

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