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Harmony - Jew and Gentile Together

Messiah Links to the

So, what is the evidence that makes such a difference? What brings it all together?

Identification of the Jewish Messiah is made in the Hebrew Scriptures!

The following links take you to specific verses in the Hebrew Bible. Each of these selected citations helps to identify the Messiah in a number of ways.

1. Seed of a Woman
2. Seed of Judah
3. Prophet Like Moses
4. Virgin & A Sign
5. Messiah a Son
6. Stump of Jesse
7. Servant
8. Picture of Messiah
9. Bethlehem
10. In Future Time
11. Suffering and Raised Up
12. Daniel Time Line

Also ... Jeremiah Foretells a New Covenant

The Hebrew text essentially relates the fact that one day there would be a new covenant. For those who are simply not even aware that the Hebrew Bible (a.k.a. Old Testament; Old Covenant) holds such a reference to a future covenant, then a look at Jeremiah 31:31 is worth a moment's study! And it does not matter whether you refer to the original Hebrew or the English translations.. this important reference is there long before Jewish scribes penned this second covenant in Greek. Click on the Window icon to read this passage:


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