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Harmony Master List

Intro - Video

Harmony Overview

Thesis on Harmony

A) Unexpected Perspective on Jewish Roots:

Bonnie's Discovery - Messiah's Identity in the Tanach!

Yeshua in Susya (video) Evidence on location in Israel

Afikomen: A Greek Word in a Hebrew Reading

Talmudic Evidence for the Messiah at 30 C.E.


B) Jewish Messiah Identified in Hebrew Scriptures:

Yeshua is a Jew (Free Book)

Principles You Should Know From the Hebrew Scriptures

Types and Shadows of Messiah in the Hebrew Scriptures

Messiah's timeline

Chapter 15 ('Temple Lock, Messiah Key' a View from Daniel to John, PDF in a new window)

Messiah Links from the Tanach


C) The LORD's Teaching, Heart & Promise:

Life and Relationships  

Torah, Law, Teachings  

Heart of God - Part 1 - Knowing His Presence

Heart of God - Part II - Now Face to Face

The Promise

Step Up To Life


D) The Secret Place:

Secret Place Introduction


Of Whom the Prophet Speaks

The Olive Tree

Fullness of the Gentiles

Spreading the Word to Jewish Persons

Sin and Torah

In The Flesh

Prophecy Says ...


Reality IS



Messianic Theses

Reflection: Creation

Holocaust Remembrance

Yeshua is a Jew (Free Book)

E) Jew and Gentile Harmony:

What is a Jew, a Gentile, and Why Together?

Continuity in the Scriptures

Jew & Gentile Harmony in the Hebrew Bible

Why Would A Christian Considers the Jewish Holidays

Volunteers for Israel

F) Joined Together:

Dialog on Intermarried Couples 

Six Strategies for Intermarried Couples

G) Feasts, Festivals, Holy Days

Holy Days & Holidays

Time of the Signs

The Rapture a Jewish Event

An End to Terrible Days

God's Glory in a Tent!

Christmas Trees Grown from Jewish Seed

The Lamb of God in the Passover

Prophetic Blood Moons - Pesach - Sukkot

H) Audio Messages:

Rosh Hashanah for Jew and Gentile

Yom Kippur Identifies Messiah

Sukkot - He 'Tabernacles' With Us

Israel's Forgotten Feast

Spritzin'Joy An Interview with Burt

I) Video Messages and Dance:

Harmony Area Videos
Includes High Holy Days messages

Messianic Dance - Short Videos

J) Bible and Historical Perspectives:

Historical Overview
(covers the 'TANAKH' - Old Testament)

Iraq in the Bible

Islam's Other View

Indications of Prophecy Alive in Our Time


K) Messiah in the Talmud:

Miriam Mother of Messiah

Talmudic Evidence for the Messiah at 30 C.E.

L) Light, Fun, Harmonious:

"The Shortest Sermon Ever Given" (Video)

"The Harmony"
(Video) Presented by Burt Rosenberg!

Spritzin' Joy

Messianic Cartoon on Scripture

All Comix Directory

K) Resources:

Read the Bible

Music Videos

Isreal News

Book List - Messianic Apologetics

Internet Links to Messianic Sites

Harmony of Historical Events

Harmony Blog


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