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Overview on Harmony

The 'key scenario' in this portion of the window clears misconceptions, clarifies relationships, and uncovers scriptural evidence leading a way forward … now and forever forward. One key focus is a link to Hebrew roots and evidence that is sometimes glossed over or not clearly presented—to Jew or Gentile. This is where the window shines and does all a good service.

Take an objective look. We recognize this is not easy for some folks because there are many streams of thoughts and events that run through the topics presented in the Harmony Area. Not all are historically positive—but most important, the window looks forward based on written scriptural evidence accessible to all.

A Key Validation

To get to a positive framework, one can recognize a vital element in a validated Jewish identity that is found throughout Scripture. This has been eye opening to many persons—like an old familiar key that now opens a hidden lock for the first time! Further, the Jewish Messiah is a focal point of importance for many external reasons, because affirming his identity puts to rest a number of contentious opinions. In a Hebrew context, the entire scriptural framework takes on a Messianic context not always obvious to the casual reader—Jew and Gentile alike. We’ll simply note here that a Jewish person who accepts Messiah as identified, remains Jewish. For the Gentile there is an opportunity to build a relationship always open to everyone—now with the fullness of the added Hebraic context.

In other words, to those who look past history and prejudice—to see what “standing Scripture” has always said—there is a reward through clarification. This validation may take some study, but in essence, the biblical text is a network of complex information, not rivaled by any other religious writing. The complex and interwoven network of names, places, events, promises, and forward looking projections create the third key scenario in the WindowView.

A Network of Information

The network of biblical information includes a focus on Israel and the yearly Hebrew calendar. Feasts, festivals and holy days add a Messianic dimension to what the window reveals. Following the Jewish (biblical) calendar in its cycle of events also traces a parallel Messianic sequence (also biblical) that many are amazed to recognize—but this is only one aspect of following a timeline in a yearly cycle. Beyond that, there is another timeline we are traipsing along as all of humanity heads toward an event horizon that incorporates all of the themes in the WindowView’s key scenarios.

The Change Area, for example, gets us thinking that on the face of the Earth we are going to experience progressive events that hit us on all levels of our material existence—posing a threat to our survival and with increasing potential for ominous outcomes. Yet the window looks to both the material and spiritual realms to see that Science and Scripture are in Harmony. A look at 'Change' will bring us through considerations of what is material to life now, to then deliver us to what is spiritual, valued, and eternal.

The Science Area highlights that we are not the product of chance. And life’s origins and existence exhibits something special—it's how the data today tell us more than the standard Darwinian story—which is now, by the data, proving inadequate—to the point of leading us to think about a purpose far beyond being a random product of nature. The materially minded refuse to see this perspective, but the scientific data are in support this view—in time, assumptions and opinions must give way to the evidence. Life is special and here is the opportunity to see why!

To Whom It Applies

In a word: "everyone." The Harmony Area is intended for all—including those who have not yet read the Scriptures. For those who have, there are Jews and Gentiles who either consider Scripture lightly (due to culture or mere tradition) or others much more seriously—those who study the texts. Some start with small steps, but with looking deeper the network of biblical information builds a framework whereby Jew and Gentile are grafted into a single believing body (this is portrayed in the "The Olive Tree"). This body is intentional and the relationships between members of the body and the Messiah of Israel is likewise always an intended outcome.

Identity, Time, and Relationship

Because of a long history of events that have diverged in many directions, the Harmony Area’s initial focus is on the identity issue.

The next perspective is in seeing how yearly time lines, calendar events, have purpose on a yearly basis—but then also points to an Age yet to come. This yearly and future oriented dual timeframes brings back the importance of how the Messiah fits both time scales. Jews who participate in holidays for the sake of tradition miss this point. Gentiles who have not studied the relationships built within the Jewish holidays miss the Messianic connections. Take a look and make connections!

By highlighting a few nuggets of biblical information, the Harmony Area begins to speak to a greater purpose that concerns knowing God's will and reason for opening up a potential relationship between you and He! Identity, time, and relationship characterize the content the window reveals in the Harmony Area.

Finding Shalom ...

Link: Jews Speak on Finding the Jewish Messiah

T. Peterson, Ph.D., Editor

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