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Yeshua at Susya, Israel

The You Tube video presented below provides a narration that is evidence for a Messianic Jewish community that in ancient times appears to have sustained a belief in the life, actions, and significance of Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. View the video here and additional information is provided below based on other web sources and links as provided.

A description of present day Susya reveals that Orthodox Jewish communities in this area of Israel would likely not subscribe to Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah. That is not particularly a surprise. Even in the face of archaeological evidence, denial or avoiding the conclusion of Yeshua's role as Messiah is not so odd. Sad that this is not recognized as truth, but then coming to faith in Yeshua may take added testimonies to make certain his identity to the Orthodox community. (for example, see our web page related to the "Wanted" poster and the sources linked there)

[FYI: The original video on YouTube is located here]

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Photos to Go With The Video

First, we were concerned the video you have just watched is a fiction. Is there such a place and is there any evidence the images can be verified by another source. The answer is yes. Photos of the ancient synagogue and especially of the inscription were previously post in a web album (which has been pulled from the web). You can Google "Susya," which is a real place and some photos available at the time of this post show the site in the movie.


1) Susya on Wikipedia

2) Photos in "What Susya's Stones Say" and Panoramio photo 1 and photo 2

3) And the Yeshua mosaic ... click this image to see enlarged photo on web:


Present Day Susya

Second, what is Susya like today? What might characterize the community that making little of the inscription would be the "usual order of the day?" To read another independent web page that will provided some substance to answer our questions here, visit this web page concerning Machon Har Tsion.

Please note, provides the above information "as is." We believe the sources are reliable, but we also leave further assessment of this information up to you.

Additional Evidence for Yeshua

If you are also interested in additional evidence for Yeshua as provided in the ancient writings of the Talmud, we encourage you to visit our web page on this topic.

The appreciation for Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah is growing. As the gap closes and more Israeli believers recognize this as truth, the more strongly the numbers of the remnant will grow. Biblically, the remnant is a third portion. As events unfold in the Middle East and globally, as nations seem to turn further from Israel, the more we see a potential revival in Israel and a greater recognition of the identity of Yeshua ... and so too, a greater cry for salvation in a failing and declining world.

Think about this ... that after all is why we sit before this window ... look a ahead, the Bible describes what is to come ... think, discern, and decide for yourself!

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