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Harmony Articles Part II
Secret Place to
Jew and Gentile Together

This portion of the Harmony Area offers articles that span topics from the discovery from plain language views of biblical themes to the harmony shared by relationship with God for Jew and Gentile together.

Specific titles for additional articles are found in Parts I and III.

Here are a few points covered in the articles listed here

The norm today is to seek elsewhere, for many a Jew it means looking outside of Judaism. Why do they seek other spiritual truth? Are you surprised? That is the current state of spirituality for many, and in fact for both Jew and Gentile, to be seeking all over for some kind of truth. In reality, Jewish people are part of an olive tree, as described below. (from The Olive Tree)

Here is another interesting mystery ... something happens to Gentiles, at a point in the near future, and then something happens to Israel. This is conditional and has a certain order to it! Israel begins to really see something that has been 'hidden' right in front of them. How does this work? (from Fullness of the Gentiles)

Prophecy is a fact past and future—otherwise it's not prophecy. This is a component of the biblical text. Prophecy is a means of communication and validation as well as a means of God telling us what comes next. Prophecy ticks like a clock and only strikes a bell for the appropriate hour when and if the time is right. (from Prophecy)

Maybe a most simple point needs to be declared:

Prayer is a conversation between you and God.

That's it.

This is not about special words or lofty ambitions ... (from Prayer)

Dave: There is today a general ignorance about the early church, which was in fact Jewish. The guys who wrote the Gospels were Jewish. But... if we say... Saint Paul... the thought is that's a Catholic thing... (from Continuity in the Scriptures)

So, it initially takes a generic people, the Gentiles, all the way along until God confronts Abraham with a choice. And the word Jew really comes along later and actually doesn't that come from the word Judah? So when we think about Abraham we should think of the initiation of the House of Israel and in general speaking not necessarily default to saying he is the first Jew. Israel is in fact God's focus and not simply a name for a people. (from What is a Jew, a Gentile, and Why Together?)

Scott: The obvious avenues that converge are made of Jewish and the Gentile people, but if you could picture this in multiple layers, the foundation on which all avenues rest is the Abrahamic Covenant. People are traveling the avenue of marriage over the super highway of this Abrahamic Covenant which is invisible to both the Jewish and Gentile peoples, but it’s essentially the driving force for the convergence. (from Dialog on Intermarried Couples)


The union of Jews and Gentiles seems to be high on the list of God's priorities! In the first book of the Torah, God promises to make Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch, the father of many "goyim" (Gentile nations). The Hebrew prophet Isaiah wrote that God would join Jews and Gentiles to create a "house of prayer for all nations." (from Six Strategies for Intermarried couples)


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