Trumping our Feet on the Sidelines of History

Maybe you are a horrified Trump supporter who has been led to believe everything the Fox tells you and that the President is correct in saying “Don’t believe everything you see or hear!” Why?

But for most of us, we are not horrified, but instead we are fed up and tapping our feet during the seconds, minutes, days, and weeks of waiting. When the chaos seems to be so polarized, some of us just summarize it as the President is getting nervous, the defenses lead to distraction, and irrational counterpoint is a sign … a sign that Trump himself knows his days as President are numbered.

And chaos leads to many levels of disruption, just ask the kids who want to be rejoined with parents, Federal preserved wild lands that may soon be disrupted by oil rigs for dollars and not sense, air and water pollution because environmental regs are rolled back, more black lung disease, wasted tax dollars on a Wall when roads and bridges are crumbling, and a National Debt that only goes up because of Trump! A tax break is pay off. Loyalty oaths are requested in place of congressional progress, and bailing out farmers because of a tariff war only costs you the tax payer. When did diplomacy and negotiating vaporize in the presence of a supposed master deal maker. Where is the deal maker when a President is weak in the face of adversaries.

God knows the heart of a man. And if we see a defense by someone who is so often being self-centered, isn’t it reasonable to think something is wrong for a man who is to serve the people (and not just himself). But human survival instincts are strong. Living a lavish life separates the rich from the more deprived and reality for many is so far removed from a man who has been pampered by dollars and public notoriety … the nation may wake up if reports of obstruction, campaign finance violations, and slew of other issues surfaces. You are paying attention aren’t you?

Even if the lawyers win the day and the President stays–even after the Special Council demonstrates truth–what will come to heal this nation, the land, and its people. Are we like the kids ripped from their parents, disoriented by a nation that used to be opportunity and void of dictatorial leadership?

What next … I’m just thumping my foot waiting. The more anxious the President and his lawyers seem, the more horrific I am that the Special Council REALLY is doing his homework … a good job of nailing down facts.

We can let God be the ultimate Judge, even if the President plays His trump card and survives, but I’m not betting on his cards, the nation needs leadership–Congress, Senate: where are you now?

In God’s will there will be a need to heal, reconcile, renew, rebuild, forgive, and be the ‘One Nation Under God’ that was once really truth.  God bless you!




Transperancy or Trump-erency

If you live in Russia, Putin dictates and the results are hidden or at least devastating to his victims.

In the USA, it has been standard process for Presidents to speak to the people. The idea is to lead by being transparent, coordinated with advisors, and only move forward in the best interest of the nation.

Trump has not made the fireside speeches that assure the citizens that what he intends to do is well thought out, wise, and guaranteed to consider all possible consequences.

What is the tip off that the nation suffers under Trump-erency? He never went on TV to address tariffs, he just did it on his own. No advisors were really considered and any who spoke out in opposition were let go, fired or resigned. Tariffs that will rip farmers and soybeans then require more of the US tax dollars to bail out the farmers. One problem begets another. Was that thought out to start. No. The farm subsidies were announced later–for sustaining farmer support and their votes. But once the soybean markets are decimated and orders don’t come in the future, farmers will be the victims.

Like Putin, Trump is not transparent and acts as one dictating policy. The victims are sufficiently impacted … not to mention the nation that will endure other consequences. Trickle-down economic consequences.

Ardent Trump supporters will learn in years down the road about how blinded they were in their support. Without transparency a democracy is crippled. Blocking the media at large is evidence.

When they drained the swamp, scum surfaced. This was evident in the behaviors of the various Secretaries in the Trump cabinet. Some too rich to know common reality, others unethical, and all the while a President who turns a blind eye because he too violates ethics requirements for government officials. In Russia they don’t have ethics rules and regulations. If we continue this way under Trump we’ll rush-in to a totalitarian reality.

Any move by President, Cabinet, Congress to be NON-transparent puts life here at risk.

Just wait, if no corrective action comes, you’ll see why transparency is key to freedom and one nation for all.



White House Intervention Needed

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, there is a the possibility that family can intervene. Everyone gathers in a circle and all express their love, support, and concern for the individual who just has had a long history of abusing themselves.

God knows that loving one another is so important and it is His will that we love … even our enemies.

But what if the addiction is money and power. What if chaos reigns because of that addiction and what if the affected person is causing chaos in the lives of a nation?

Might the White House staff, who admittedly is under considerable stress and feels the pressure from within and from the public outside … might that staff sit with a President–in a circle–and profess concern and point out what is reality? Denial is strong in those who are addicted and if the President cannot save himself, he will pull down a nation … really that’s been occurring already.

The moral guide–Scripture–not only addresses loving and what is moral, but we need to remember what the Bible teaches about historical leaders who were filled with pride, owned massive wealth and possessions, and in the end were humbled by God’s will. Sometimes that meant the decline of the nation being led by the greedy and power hungry King. Sometimes other nations were allowed to invade and take over. Do we want that here? Is there another nation playing games with our national interests? Yes.

The White House staff should conduct an intervention. At least try. Before the country the staff loves is brought low by a man addicted to power and self promotion–it’s not about him, it’s about a country. The staff needs to stand up for the nation or we all will see the consequences as a nation.



Trump – Baseless President – Impendng Historical Crash

First, God is watching. God will judge and we defer to Him and what history will soon record. This writer is neither Democrat or Republican, but one of the few who longs for wisdom at a middle ground.

Watching the nightly news reveals that someone let a Fox in the hen house. The Fox is tearing up and distracting all the chickens (paralyzed politicians on the Hill).  Who will finally believe the truth when it hits full force–that is, if anyone is willing to see what is true. Those who claim there is a deep state are really themselves the deep state pushing their slanted propaganda.

If you are a believer in the God of Israel, you know God is ‘not a man that He would lie.’ So why would anyone who reveres Messiah accept lies, lies, and more lies?

Adultery, failed businesses, compromised by a foreign adversary, moves that will hinder and hurt the economy, buying the base with tax breaks, motion to buying off farmers hurt by tariffs, indictments, testimonies, and continually changing the focus to move away from guilt … and that’s not all. So, when will the base support for such a man give way and abandon the sinner who proudly proclaims fake news, the devoted workers for justice are corrupt, and that our enemies are our friends.

At some point soon, the investigations end, the full slate of arrests and court dockets will come to high waters and the flood of evidence will sweep away the base. Then there will be a baseless President and a disillusioned public. Tired, confused, and angry will backup the pipes and only resignation will free the nation.

The consequences will irreparably harm the GOP, current representatives that kept supporting a failing President without accountability will be culled out, and history will reveal the wounds to the country cut deep. Ironically, the knee jerk correction will also swing too far the other direction. The real historical crash will open the way for prophetic events no one sees coming–except for God knows and Scripture records in advance.

God bless, heal, and save our nation.



Donald Trump, Current Events, and Prophecy

A few days ago I watched a video on You Tube the advanced the idea that ‘the church’ has replaced Israel. For those who know Scripture well, there is no place in the Bible that clearly demonstrates this point. Replacement theology is wrong and Israel has a roll now and forever, just as Scripture testifies–start to finish.

In counterpoint, we need to read a clear and concise account of the sequence of prophetic events yet to come. A sound source along this line of reason is Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s book: “The Footsteps of the Messiah – A Study of the Sequence of Prophetic Events.”

Take for example the book of Revelations speaks to the present church age as represented by the letter to the Church of Laodecia–which is characterized by the word apostasy. And further the biblical position that at the end of the current era we would see truth stated to be false and what is false as truth. Right is wrong, wrong is right.

In current events, in the words of an American President we see both apostasy and what is false being promoted as truth. While the current events may force a President out of office–rightfully so if corruption is so clearly revealed–the bigger message is we are accelerating into the apostate atmosphere of the end of days. No we are not at the bitter end, but we are on the way–read Fruchtenbaum.

Worse than impeachment and corruption leading to that action, the world is seeing a widening divide between peoples who are ignoring the God of Israel and what He has in print about the days ahead. People are so divided that no one is in the middle. For believers, by Spirit and faith, there is discernment that looks beyond division, countries, leaders, material markets … and to join in looking on high to the One who gives us life now and hope for life everlasting.

Dumping Trump is a temporary solution, when in fact joining in relationship with our Heavenly Father is the true way to truth.




The news media was baffled by Mrs. Trump’s choice of jacket to wear. But really, think about this. She only wore the jacket in Washington, getting on the airplane and when returning to DC … not wearing it at her destination in Texas. Melania went to see the immigrant kids who were separated from their families! Also, this may be the first plane ride since her hospital stay. She flew alone.

The slightly apparent ongoing rift between the First Lady and her husband might be a clue! Might the jacket be saying “Donald … I Really Don’t Care [for you and what you do] Do You?” … A man who causes a problem and says he can’t fix it and who is most concerned with himself before all others … he has a wife that doesn’t particularly care for her husband. Might that be the calculated message. It’s not to you and me … it’s to her errant spouse.

Think about that in the days to come.

Director, WindowView


Trumping the antichrist

Recently a few of us at church were reading the book “Prepare for Battle–Basic Training in Spiritual Warfare.” Chapter four deals with “Tactics of Satan.” And just reading about these tactics raises eyebrows because of what we are seeing on the news today.

Evangelicals who support the fortunes of a political person might want to back someone who lives a clean life. But what if the political figure is an adulterer? What if that person speaks out of both sides of his mouth leaving evidence of lies and deceptions? What if that person is using his political position for personal financial gain? Who can support a lawless leader? Who or what then is an Evangelical? Do they praise God while supporting and serving another god?

But the really awesome big picture concern is to know Scripture tells us one day the world will be filled with thinking that has wrong right and right wrong. Like today. And that in the end times we’ll see one who is lawless, like that politician the Evangelicals are supporting–lawless, wrong is right, money and greed rule … and the evidence builds for how a nation is being betrayed by a politician who is most important to himself–he comes first because he is the one it’s all about. Really?

Today we are watching a lawless one who declares himself all important, meanwhile corrupting the very nation he declares will be great because of him.

Sin always catches up with the sinner. God prevails. Evangelicals who support corruption need to enter into repentance and get out of politics and back into prayer, cleansing, and renewal … much like what that politician should do.

Satan deceives, causes distractions from truth, camouflages sin as truth, distorts social injustice in the disguise of enforcing law, lies, distorts, contradicts, blames others contrary to truth, slanders, accuses, is proud, is oblivious to reality, and more. The antichrist will exemplify all this and more. Could anyone today be attempting to trump what the Antichrist will do?



In the End Time Era

The WindowView Press has been silent for several years. This is now changing. Posts will appear here on a more regular basis. The reason for this comes with the realization that people are watching the news and not responding. In the era of an end time, events will come and blindside the unaware and unprepared.

The reference to End Time is biblical, but also immediately temporal. The end of an era of diplomacy comes as friends become disenfranchised and enemies are referenced as innocents. We are at the end of truth and right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right—also a biblical point of reference that may elude you, but not the one writing here.

Stay tuned. A Ph.D. scientist and one familiar with policy and biblical insight writes here. The Greek text warns that we have entered an era of apostasy and distraction. Not all are fooled, but a mass of many people is following the piper leading to the sea of ultimate dilution—where truth is swamped by ill fated material promises.

Underlying the posts here is a Hope for a future that has long been recorded as “on the way” and coming soon. In the meantime, ask yourself, are you relying on what is true?

Director, WindowView


Evolution? Information First, Change Later … the last nail in Darwin’s coffin

The debate over evolution and origins and really knowing about how life started has long been a focal point of lectures, monographs, textbook and popular authors. But the attention has mostly been on life after its existence … leading to a false paradigm.

The following video is built on evidence that goes back to thinkers of old, but is renewed and refocused in the current era by arguments so compelling as to tell us our true origin.  Will you get the ultimate message? You and everyone needs to think about what you’ll see here.


Snapshot of the Middle East: October 6, 2015

  • The US State Department denied reports it had issued Israel an ultimatum this week threatening not to veto a UN Security Council resolution declaring West Bank settlements illegal if Israel announced new settlement construction.

    Deputy State Department Spokesman Mark Toner said that while his office was aware of such reports in the press, those reports were “false.”

    “Our position on settlements is well known and hasn’t changed,” he said. “We convey it regularly to the Israeli Government. I know we don’t generally comment on private conversations, but I’d like to nip that story in the bud. We haven’t issued any kind of ultimatum on this.”

    Toner emphasized that far from issuing any such ultimatum regarding a UN resolution, “there’s not even a resolution out there right now.”

  •  The US government has said that the bombing of the hospital in Kunduz, which killed at least 19 people and wounded dozens more, was a “tragic incident,” but has refrained from condemning the attack as “the facts are still emerging” and it is still under investigation.

    During the daily press briefing, reporter Matthew Lee recalled that the State Department had issued a “very, very strong” statement after Israel bombed the UN school in the Gaza Strip, saying, “The suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify strikes that put at risk the lives of so many innocent civilians.”

    An Associated Press reporter on Monday grilled a State Department spokesperson over the US’s condemnation of an Israeli strike on a UN-run school in Gaza last summer, contrasting that response to Washington’s failure to condemn its own apparently accidental strike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan last week.

  • President Bashar Assad said a military campaign by Russia, Syria and its allies will decide the fate of the Middle East, and a year of US-led air strikes against Islamic State militants had only helped the spread of terrorism.

    In an interview with Iranian television broadcast on Sunday, Assad said if Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq unite in battling terrorism their efforts would yield practical results.

    He was speaking days after Russian jets, based in western Syria, launched air strikes against targets Moscow has identified as Islamic State bases, but which Assad’s opponents say disproportionately hit rival, foreign-backed insurgents.

    “The chances of this alliance’s success are big, not small,” Assad said, adding that failure would mean “we face the destruction of the whole region.”

  • A month after the leader of al-Qaida said that the Islamic State and its leader are illegitimate, a recording of Ayman Zawihri was released Monday, documenting an even harsher tirade against ISIS and the man who refers to himself as the Caliph of Islam, ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    “You spill blood and attack the Muslim people in order to rule,” Zawihiri said in his fourth recorded lecture released as part of his “Islamic Spring” lessons. He added that, “Baghdadi’s Caliphate is a Caliphate of explosions, damage and destruction.”

    The bulk of the criticism dealt with the manner in which ISIS forces those under its rule to convert to Islam and succumb to the organization’s rule. “Pledging allegiance by force, which some spiritual leaders have allowed, is not our way,” he said.

  • The Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey  (ACS) reveals that Arabic and Urdu – Pakistan’s national language– are the fastest-growing foreign languages spoken at home, according to a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies.

    After five decades of large-scale immigration, a record 63.2 million U.S. residents, or more than one-in-five, speak a language other than English when at home.

    Previous reports have shown that the United States is now the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world. But the new census study shows that the fastest-growing foreign languages, in percentage terms, are languages spoken by immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

    Between 2010 and 2014, there was a 29 percent increase in Arabic, a 23 percent increase in Urdu, and a 9 percent in Persian, which is spoken in Iran.

  • A senior Iranian military leader warned this weekend that “all U.S. military bases in the Middle East are within the range of” Iran’s missiles and emphasized that the Islamic Republic will continue to break international bans on the construction of ballistic missiles.

    Much of this missile work, like the details of Iran’s advanced arsenal, remains secret, according to Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force.

    Hajizadeh dismissed the threat of military action by the United States, warning that all U.S. assets and allies are in range of Iran’s current missile arsenal, according to comments made Sunday in Tehran and recorded by Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

    The threats of attack on the United States were issued as Iran unveiled new high-tech torpedoes and the formation of a joint war room along with Russia, Syria, and Iraq.

  •  Russia’s deputy chief of staff, Gen. Nikolay Bogdanovsky, accompanied by a large military delegation, arrives in Israel for a two-day visit on Tuesday, Oct. 6, to discuss increased coordination between the two militaries. However, Moscow seems to be sending Jerusalem an altogether different message: Friday, Oct. 2, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the surprise deployment of Navy cruiser, the Moskva, armed with 64 advanced anti-aircraft missiles S-300 ship-to-air missiles opposite the Syrian coastal town of Latakia.

    DEBKAfile’s military sources point out that Russia, without saying so publicly, has thus created an effective no-fly zone over most of Syria, most of northern Israel, including the Golan, as well as southern Turkey, for US aircraft based there for air strikes in Syria; Cyprus, the site of British air force bases; and Jordan.

    Since 2012, The Obama administration has been discussing the possibility of establishing no-fly zones in northern and southern Syria on a number of occasions, but has shelved the plan whenever a decision was imminent. Now, with one move, Moscow has imposed a no-fly zone over Syria.

  • Eitam Henkin and Naama Henkin of Neria, who were murdered in a drive-by terror attack near Nablus on Thursday, October 1, 2015. (screen capture: Channel 2)

    Israeli security forces have arrested the Palestinian terror cell that carried out the murders of Naama and Eitam Henkin in the West Bank on Thursday, the Shin Bet security service said Monday evening.

    A statement from the Shin Bet said it had carried out the operation in conjunction with the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police. The suspects had been taken in for questioning by the Shin Bet and had admitted their involvement in the attack, the statement said.

    The five cell members are Hamas members from Nablus, the Shin Bet said.

    The Israeli couple, both in their 30s, were driving in their car with their four children when they came under attack from Palestinian gunmen. The two were shot dead in front of their children; the children were unharmed.

  • Israeli jets bombed a target in the Gaza Strip early Monday morning after a Palestinian terror group launched a rocket into southern Israel.

    Palestinian media in Gaza reported Israeli strikes shortly after 2:30 a.m., a matter of hours after a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip Sunday night landed in open territory in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel, causing neither injury or damage.

    There were no immediate reports of injuries.

    The IDF said in a statement that Israeli aircraft struck “a Hamas terror site in the northern Gaza Strip.”