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Science and Scripture in Harmony



To Everyone Who Deems Themselves Worthy

of Long Life and Life Abundantly,

This is Your Window!

Discover what you have missed and add to your life forever.

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Reflections in this window consider:

• Changes on earth push us from material awareness, to human survival issues, to deeper reflection, to question values, consider life's purpose, and ultimately to face a spiritual dimension to existence, to the here and now!

• Scientific evidence examined objectively brings an awakening, reveals 'life is special,' and 'we are not here by chance.' A longstanding paradigm is about to shift and the view on Darwin, origins, AND especially on the origin of all biological information and life, is in view for a change. Did you know, NO one knows the material origin of biological information, that in fact is a reflection of an intelligent origin.

Throw back the shutters, WindowView opens to Scripture's network of information, to present: a key identification, near-future timeline milestones, and a relationship that is relevant to every human on Earth.

Information—the documented evidence—is what is in view!

Scientific and biblical data are key to seeing the full view. And what does this reveal? … Your future!

Be Awakened! WindowView presents several 'key scenarios' that by analogy are the 'other side of the coin.'

Imagine reality represented as an old coin in your pocket and every time you take a look, all you ever see is 'heads.' Our personal daily life is like that familiar side of the coin.

WindowView offers a look at what is familiar from another perspective—like the time you reach for the coin and actually see the other side: 'tails!' What is revealed, in reality, is a surprise, and always within reach.

This Window is importantas important as life itself … consider how the Change, Science, and Harmony scenarios each uniquely reveal that 'other side of the coin.'

To the degree each topic area sounds familiar, there is a realization to open our eyes and to drive unrelated scenarios together, to Converge, in time … soon … at an event horizon within sight of this window. That horizon is quickly approaching. From here, with this awareness, one is able to make "A Step Up To Life."

Window Perspectives

Each area presents a brief video Introduction accompanied by an Overview, a Thesis page, and then supporting Articles. Change, Science, and Harmony move us along a Timeline where all perspectives Converge to summarize the entire view and our future … the evidence is before us … many sources together point the way.

WindowView Main Menus:

Life's Framework

The underlying theme to the window is 'Science and Scripture in Harmony.' As such, time looking through the window provides an opportunity to discover what is ultimately important to each one of us individually—from a truly holistic, all inclusive, vantage point.

The fact that science data and biblical information are truly not in conflict opens the window further. Different perspectives, when pulled together, highlight the fullness of existence. This fullness is the relevance and truth of both sides of the coin at one and the same time.

Values and the roles of Jewish and Gentile persons together, in the recorded scriptural framework, open to a scenario that fits the science, change, and events we see unfolding in time. All this is actually in plain view, but only becomes interwoven into a coherent understanding by looking, discerning, and finally recognizing what is often missed.

And if you see it you can take steps in a new direction!

Gather evidence from science and Scripture to recognize what lies ahead for you, us, for everyone! And then make a step up for your life!

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                  What does science tell us about life?  Are we here merely by chance?  How do global changes influence our future?  Is God in the details?    If so, how?  If faith is key to living life, which theism is relevant?  Can we see what comes next along history's timeline?  If the modern era is coming to a close, what comes next?  Do the answers provide insight about our life's journey into time?  What is your future?  Look … Think … This is your Window …                and again    

Time looking out the Window gives an answer!

Reflections in the Window

"We had sky up there, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and discuss whether they was made or just happened." - Mark Twain

"Religion points to that area of human experience where in one way or another man comes upon mystery as a summons to pilgrimage." - Frederick Bucchner

The WindowView opens to where science meets faith … where scientific and theistic perspectives converge to define life's origin, purpose, and our future!

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