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TimeLine Thesis

Thesis: “a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved : (example) "his central thesis is that psychological life is not part of the material world.” (source: Oxford Dictionaries)

TimeLine Perspectives

The Timeline Thesis is as simple as "Time reveals scientific and biblical related events have a fit like the confluence of two streams meeting, intermingling and in reality are always flowing together." One existence, one reality, one timeline on which all events meet and move us forward.

The timeline serves several purposes:

First, events presented along time provide a "backbone of information" for WindowView. This illustrates a progression of events for civilization (science and societies globally) as well as a biblical focus on the Middle East that leads to a final sequence closing in on the end of the current era.

Second, the backbone reveals a momentum, a building up of greater and greater level of human activity over time—this is change in motion. Advancements are one element, the volume of events another, together the density of events leaves less and less free space on earth.

Third, scientific understanding grows ever more sophisticated as one progresses from stone tools, to the industrial age, to the information age.

This has led us beyond the basics of evolution theory into a biological information age, which in effect renders the former theory out of touch with the information specificity that is found within organisms. Biochemical and biological structural complexity along with highly complex specified information brings humanity to a new realization concerning our existence. A materialistic explanation is insufficient. To explain our existence takes added perspective.

We have reached questions scientists either don't ask or do not want to address ... perhaps because the answers bring them discomfort aside from any potentially exciting and explosive discovery. The latter would change the scientific enterprise forever and the 'flesh' resists such change. And yet, we are on the brink of such discoveries ... and time will tell!

Fourth, a biblical line of information and evidence carries us forward in time. Because specific information in the Bible relates to events that have happened and other events to come, the timeline can indicate the "momentum" in the direction to which the Scriptures point.

While we can see advancements in science and society over time, there are driving forces at work in the world. The pressing set of forces that the media report on today concern change. Change is everywhere, but now change unsettles the sense of normalcy we expect or desire in our lives.

In Brief, the TimeLine at WindowView illustrates a movement of events along time and supports the information scenarios presented elsewhere within the WindowView. The net effect is a movement of events taking humanity to an event horizon—one that has been previously described but commonly ignored. Seeing this in real time is fascinating, but also troubling, because we are faced with a complex overall scenario that is either characterized by mere crisis or a choice.

The Thesis

We cannot include every conceivable topic that one could imagine in the window's framework, however, the WindowView key scenarios and information on science, change, and what the biblical texts tell us is be enough to surprise us with seeing life in an entirely new way. This is the analogous "other side of the coin" referred to on the Home page.

We might say that at some point what you see reveals truth — amplified by combination of several different perspectives. What was missed previously is obvious in a moment of realization.

The WindowView is about a story that has been developing over time. Some see the Bible as telling stories with different levels of application, myths to explain what was unexplained, in a cultural context that simply has been carried forward in time. Science has had advances that humans living in a material context—life on Earth—have come to explain in material and natural terms. But the information base has changed and material explanations simply aren't the whole story. So, we don't throw out the objective scientific data, but neither do we explain our existence by assumptions.

The timeline thesis is simple. Scientific and scriptural information work together to describe our existence in the real terms. Thus we can understand the synthesis these two bodies of information provide and that they actually work together and not against each other.

The story of life's origin is in a process of scientific re-evaluation, simply because the current scientific data lack a means to explain how life came into being.

Text book explanations today imply knowing origins and this unfounded practice has been handed down generation to generation. A new look, at the data we have, is opening the window to thinking of life in very awesome terms. If life is not by chance, then questions of purpose and meaning surface quickly. Answers come for added perspectives!

And what is also remarkable, in spite of scientific advancements and redefining the data on origins, events in the Middle East are aligning themselves ever more so with what the Scriptures have reported for the future.

The timeline is therefore a tool to see a momentum of driving forces, illustrated by scientific and scriptural information (if you will: the data and evidence) that converge to round out the reality of the storyline recorded thousands of years ago, but evident now in our lifetime.

If you have not seen or understood this previously, but do now, then we say it's time to "Step Up to Life."


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