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Harmony Articles Part III
Holy Days to
Historical Perspectives

This portion of the Harmony Area offers articles that span topics from the importance of understanding why the High Holy Days are just more than biblical ritual to knowing biblical history reveals more of the big picture for everyone—Jew and Gentile together.

Specific titles for additional articles are found in Parts I and II.

Here are a few points covered in the articles listed here

At sunset this evening, we began the season of the WAKE UP CALL; Rosh Hashana; but more accurately and biblically known as the Feast of Trumpets; YOM T’RUAH; The Day of Blowing the Shofar; the Day of the Wake Up Call. There’s good reason for calling it that, y’know. Even though God established this day, the Torah leaves us pretty clueless about how to celebrate it, except for telling us that its centerpiece is the shofar; the ram’s horn.

There’s just no missing the fact that - if you do nothing else on this first day of the month of Tishri, you MUST blow the shofar, and you blow the shofar for only one reason:

• to issue a wake up call

• to sound an alarm

• to call an alert

(from Time of the Signs)

... Such was God's way of announcing the final birth pains before Israel's miraculous deliverance. Ushered in with the blood of a spotless male lamb, the Lord's Passover would be an event so profound as to effect a new beginning in the Hebrew calendar (Exodus 12:2); so significant that it would be memorialized even before its occurrence (12:14). Yet, as if the magnitude of this occasion were not grand enough, God has choreographed in the Passover a far greater deliverance; one whose world-changing effects would reach into eternity itself! But first, a glimpse into God's original ''pesach''... (from The Lamb of God in Passover)

I didn’t KNOW God created an annual cycle of 7 holy days. I didn’t KNOW that package of 7 holy days was a panorama of God’s plan to redeem the world. (see timeline Table 3)

I had NO IDEA that my destiny and yours is determined by how we respond to that magnificent plan to save us. I didn’t have a clue that all those millions of animal sacrifices at the temple for all those hundreds of years were a big fat neon sign telling ME—thousands of years later—that I need an innocent sacrifice if my sins would be forgiven.

And if you would have asked me about Sukkot, I may have told you it’s the Jewish version of Thanksgiving, or that it’s the closest thing to camping Jews do, since that 40 year campout-thing we did in the wilderness!!!

But I would NEVER have known to tell you... that the OVERWHELMING theme of Sukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles—is the Glory of God. (from Sukkot — He 'Tabernacles' With Us)

'... Do you want a God who is less than holy? I don't. I want a holy, perfect God. Like Groucho Marks once said, "I don't want to belong to a club that would have me as a member!" Now if you think about that it's good sense. I don't want to belong to a God, or accepted by a God, who winks at sin... I want a holy God.

'God's holiness is essential to Yom Kippur. It's spoken of 87 times in the book of Leviticus alone, and a bit more than another word, which is spoken 86 times... lets see if we can spot it. In verses 14 and 15... (from Yom Kippur Identifies Messiah)

Welcome to the first in a series of talks on a Survey of Old Testament History, as viewed through Jewish eyes. In what follows, we explore the sweep of time from the moment of creation through the Inter-testamental Period, beyond the end of the Hebrew Scriptures or Old Testament. (from Historical Overview ... )

We observe some of the many examples of history in which the interaction of Jews and Gentiles have led to a most beneficial outcome. That coming together is for the purpose of solving a real need and the outcome is invariably most positive—often far beyond the original need! (from Harmony in the Hebrew Bible - Introduction )


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