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TimeLine Notebook

Activity on the Temple Mount

If you ask an Israeli about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, she might say that is where the Jewish Temple belongs. As you read this, if the Dome of the Rock is still standing on the Temple Mount, then you should expect the same Israeli to tell you that some incredible event would be required to remove the Dome from the Temple Mount to even allow one to think of the construction of the Third Jewish Temple.

While WindowView does not examine the variety of events detailing the appearance and growth of Islam, we have documented the importance of building the Third Temple. The Dome of the Rock is preserved by the forceful presence of Islam. If the Dome were removed, then indeed some type of change will have occurred — and we are not going to speculate how that might happen. But elsewhere we can see that the rebuilt Jewish structure is anticipated and even required to fulfill time line events that are mentioned in the Scriptures.

Keep in mind that there seems to always be a focus on the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock seems to put a hold on history until we see construction of a Temple in place of, next to, or in the vicinity of the Dome. One might even conclude that the Dome serves as a place holder until conditions are just right. Keep an eye on the time line ahead for the focus on rebuilding the Jewish Temple comes in time — especially in 'current history.'


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