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TimeLine Notebook

Persecution of the Jewish People

We are going to make simple note of something that occurs repeatedly following the dispersion of the Jewish people from the Middle East to all nations all around the globe. Persecution comes from a number of causes — not the least of which is simple human ignorance and discrimination. There is a lot more to all this, but there are a couple of key points we'd like you to keep in mind here.

First, from Abraham onward, the Hebrew people were to carry a specific biblical message to the nations (i.e., the 'goyim' or Gentiles). Regardless of their success or failure in this regard, the Jewish people have always been the intended message bearer — the focus being the God of Israel ... His reality and His teachings for all people. The role of messenger has never changed — in spite of what some academics have supposed. From a scriptural standpoint there is no role for the Church or other people group to replacing Israel and the message that the Hebrews are meant to bring to the world. [e.g., we are thinking of 'replacement theology,' which is best addressed elsewhere. For related study materials we suggest contacting Ariel Ministries, see their web link for more information]

Second, the dispersal of the Jewish people precedes their return to the Holy Land as presented by the Scriptures. The persecutions of this people during the Diaspora (i.e., dispersion or scattering throughout all nations) is essentially a sad commentary on the disposition of the nations themselves. But this state of affairs continues until certain conditions change and specific events transpire. The dispersion will end one day... this change is a signal for a set of biblical events that are anticipated in prophecy... events we chart on Part II of the Time Line.

Keep an eye on the time line ahead. The continued persecution of the Jewish people is simply a reminder of a behavior that continues to a point when other changes will kick in. Later, the emphasis on the role of the Hebrew people — specifically those focused on Messiah — comes into play. At the end of the current era there will still be persecutions even into the heart of Israel, but the true turning point can be found in the anticipated activity of the Messianic Jewish community as described in the latter portion (Part II) of the time line. One day the persecution ends — forever!


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