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TimeLine Notebook

The Writings of Daniel

The writings of Daniel are perhaps one of the most interesting elements on the biblical side of the WindowView.

First, let us note that generally, rabbis are not eager to study portions of Daniel's writings because of a calculation that comes with plotting out a biblical time line of '70 weeks of 7 years' (70 X 7 = 490 years; all of which is detailed in the Creator's Window Chapter 15). In short, if the truth of the date when Daniel penned his writings is not subverted, which is something that has occurred from time to time, then the origin of Daniel's mini-time line can be worked out with accuracy. That the calculation uses the reconstructions in Jerusalem (city wall and Temple) — i.e., those following the return of the Israelites after the Babylonian captivity — give one an internal check on the placement of the mini-line along the larger time line of history. This is a self-validating description! This is a critical feature to seeing the time line at work! Finally, the end of the time line identifies the presence of the Jewish Messiah on the earth! Subverting the reality of the study of this information leads nowhere, but examined at face value provides an unmistakable identification of the Messiah.




Another important aspect of Daniel's writings is the description of a time when Temple sacrifice is halted. Interestingly, this cessation of ritual activity appears with not one but two unique timeframes. There is one period when sacrifice is stopped that appears to correspond to the events affiliated with Antiochus Epiphanes in 164 BCE. What Daniel writes many years prior to Antiochus amounts to prophecy. And the timeframe is accurate to the day.

Another timeframe associated with cessation of animal sacrifice comes long after Antiochus... in fact it appears that the second timeframe is yet to come. However, if Temple sacrifice is to cease for a time, it must first be reinstituted... and that requires a rebuilt Temple. This point is not lost on many who today study the Scriptures in detail. This is a factor also included in the time line — especially as recent events have been unfolding in Jerusalem as various groups have moved to support the rebuilding of the Temple.

Part IV of the Creator's Window describes many of the the events that are anticipated in association with the rebuilt (third) Temple. To see all of Daniel's '70 weeks' fulfilled will require completion of a single 'week' of seven years sometime in the future. Perhaps this time frame is not far off. For now you can explore Part IV to consider the details provided in the Book of Daniel and other books of the Bible.


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