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Search for Mt. Sinai

Archaeological evidence in support of biblical accounts for numerous events surface in the news from time to time. One source we look at in this regard is a bimonthly magazine the Biblical Archaeological Review (BAR). This periodical is sometimes found in public libraries. The articles in this and similar publications constantly reveal new and interesting evidence!

In particular, the idea of finding the actual geographic location of Mt. Sinai is of interest to many who read the Hebrew Bible. While the current debate on what is the actual site may have twists and turns, a final conclusion may yet be reached — in the meantime there are interesting accounts to read. For example, Howard Blum recently authored a book entitled ''The Gold of Exodus: The Discovery of the True Mt. Sinai.'' This book follows the trek of two Americans who essentially sneak their way into northwestern Saudi Arabia and by the evidence they collect give a reasonable description for a visit to the true Mt. Sinai.

The mountain top shows signs of being scorched by great heat and the location of piles of stones appear at the mountain base possibly corresponding to the locations where each of the Israelite Tribes camped. These and other details are engaging and thought provoking. Final proof and further investigation of this site is yet to come, especially while this location remains off limits to scholars and other outside visitors. Will the Arab nation allow us to investigate an ancient Hebrew site? Yet the point can be made, time and again, there is significant evidence for the locations, events, and persons described in the Bible. Mt. Sinai is certainly a key place of great importance. One can hope, that in the future, more conclusive information can complete the story described by Howard Blum.

Another discussion concerning Mt. Sinai and evidence considered by other scholars can be found in Bruce Feiler's book: Walking the Bible. Not only does he briefly review the evidence as described by Mr. Blum, but Feiler does this while giving an account of his ascent up the side of Jebel Musa... the traditional mountain location thought by many to be Mt. Sinai. This site is located on the Sinai Peninsula itself.

Further still, Mr. Feiler notes that additional work by Emanuel Anati, of Jerusalem, provides an account for how Har Karkom is the holy site so many seek to find as the real Mt. Sinai (see Feiler's book page 261). While Bruce Feiler is simply giving us an overview of possibilities, we see in the Anati scenario additional reason to keep an open mind. In his 'Walking the Bible,' Mr. Feiler leads us less on a journey of fact, but one of experiencing places and sensing biblical places as one would have experienced them... regardless of exact location. That several sites all offer possible locations leaves us with tangible places of which one may well be the actual site. But that faith is built on the story of one of these places also leads us further along the time line here.

FYI: WindowView was contacted, during 2002, by one of Anati's associates to say the following web site contains Emmanuel Anati's book in realtion to his work on Mt. Sinai:


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