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Time Line Notebook

Hidden Dimensions Beyond Space and Time

The various tour stops to follow will alternately cover both scientific and scriptural topics — depending on the area of the time line you are viewing at any point along the way.

For now, think about your existence and human knowledge gained from science... there are some things our senses alone cannot confirm, yet something is extra ordinarily a part of your being here! For example, we are all intimately familiar with the concept of 4 dimensions. Three of space and one of time. That's all there is... Right?

Well, no, perhaps not... not if you ask the cosmologists, physicists, and theoretical scientists who have worked out the mathematics to demonstrate our universe may be home to as many as 11 or more dimensions. The theories behind this appear to await confirmation, but the idea of these additional dimensions is serious science.

So, where are these other dimensions? Are they missing or here, right here, in the same space where we are?

To keep this as simple as possible, let us just restate that there is more to our existence than just what our senses tell us. It's not ''sense'' knowledge, but a form or ''revealing'' knowledge beyond our senses that's important here! Yes, we are saying there is more to the life experience than smell, touch, sight, etc. A revealing of other knowledge beyond the senses (a.k.a. 'revelation knowledge') is much like finding design in the universe for features that are hard to explain simply in naturalistic terms alone. We can find certain effects but without readily identifying a material cause. This reveals special possibilities! See our Science section on design for more on this type of perspective.

The extra hidden dimensions can be thought of as being tucked away within the time and space we are familiar with. But these dimensions are key to understanding more about the beginning of our universe (See the Creator's Window Part II for additional thoughts on this). When thinking about a beginning to the time line, about eternity, existing before now, and an eternity to follow beyond the end of this time line, then isn't it as incredibly marvelous and fascinating to have scientists who can describe added dimensions that seem out of our ordinary experience.

All that you accept as a familiar setting for life is actually couched within something that's truly the unfamiliar! It's easy to lose sight of this and be focused on the day-to-day issues... but we want you to step back a bit and look at this added perspective. Life includes these twists that beg your attention. Our existence is defined by extra ordinary features.


Just think, if there were a second dimension of time, then it would be possible for a being to visit every moment in time all the time — not just to travel along one time line alone nor to travel but one direction (only forward, never back in time). Might one of the extra dimensions be of time?

The entire concept of a time line is particularly unique... this experience we share is all aligned along one of the dimensions that was itself created at the very start of the universe. Before then, there was no such dimension of time, from the window we see time starts at time = 0 and counting! That is time, but what of the other dimensions... what do they do?

To Read More About 'Hidden Dimensions' read:

C. A. Ronan. 1991. Hidden Dimensions - The superstring theory of fundamental particles. In: The Natural History of the Universe - From The Big Bang to the End of Time. (MacMillan Publishing Company: New York)

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