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About WindowView started as a single web page on in 1997. In the several years to follow the concept of the window and it's feature areas began to form and the URL "" was registered.

The Window Concept

The window content stems from several key information sources or 'scenarios.' Science pages bring out questions that are not only troubling to the general theory on evolution, but also opens up a renewed objectivity on life, origins, and who we are as humans. Another scenario in the field of global change arouse from annual scientific meetings and a specific forum on "Global Change and the Human Prospect: Issues in Population, Science, Technology Equity." The scientific meetings is where global and climate changes were considered long in advance of the current media coverage. Within this scenario one sees material changes forcing humanity to take a look at itself and ultimately a deep spiritual look at ourselves—because we value life and ask within about our purpose, if there is one.

Further, a scriptural scenario exists to the understanding of both Jewish and Gentile persons. Some have little to no understanding or for others a greater understanding of Scripture (and within the window we use this term to focus on the original Hebrew of the Tanach, Hebrew Bible, as well as the Greek text of the New Covenant as recorded by Jewish writers and scribes of the First Century in the Common Era). A focus on this scenario is: Who the Messiah is (validation of identity) , who Messiah came to reach and who and what events will bring him back in the future. These points are often misunderstood, with some specifics missed even by the well studied believer. This scenario along with those in the fields of science and change helps to form a unique perspective that the window reveals. The overall impression based on innformation within the window leaves the viewer to a conclusion that leads to a "step up to life."

Director and Associates

The window is maintained by the direction and energies of Dr. Todd Peterson. As a scientist Dr. Peterson has an appreciation for the biological sciences, has conducted laboratory research projects, taught at the university level, and has worked in both the private and public sectors.

In association with the window are numerous individuals who have either scientific or theistic training. Some names of these individuals appear in the web content presented here, while others have contributed behind the scenes.

"A man once told me: "You can't use science to prove God."

But then science and nature are a witness to the handy work of some Creator. Why think so? Who or what is the designer? Well, we have evidence from science for design in the universe, in our galaxy, in life on Earth, so we may be shocked to realize, in a fashion, science is about the business of a natural revelation. Ask Newton, Kepler, or Copernicus!

Beyond nature, there is a personal revelation ... another revelation to the divine that is a foundation to faith ... time at the window brings each of us to the point of valuing life as having a purpose and this is our personal experience."
- Director, WindowView

The window is eclectic in its content, but all the different perspectives draw sight lines to one horizon. At that horizon is truth to life ... only those persons who look and think beyond the constraints of life's daily concerns find the horizon. At that horizon is a 'convergence' of forces that move humanity along time—these forces are at work at this very moment—driving us all to a crossroads ahead ... at which there is "Choice or Crisis." You can look here and decide which it will be for you.

How does it all come together, for a little deeper set of thoughts on this, see our Summary that addresses Change, Science, and Harmony ...

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Time spent looking ... through a window on life and choice ... brings the opportunity to see in a new light. The offer for you to Step Up To Life is presented on many of the web pages at WindowView. Without further explanation we offer you the steps here ... knowing that depending on what you have seen or may yet explore in the window ... these steps will be the most important of your life ...
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