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Excerpts from the book's full Introduction are given below:

Creator's Window

Picture yourself joining the book's narrator by a window in the library of an old family summer home. You now entertain thoughts that this individual describes as he looks into the adjoining woods and far off to distant horizons. For the two of you, this indeed is an opportunity to take a look through the Creator's Window. This special perspective reveals forces driving global and universal change, events ordered along timelines, and humanity's future. Briefly, looking across the window's horizon, you will examine: how time slips away in the face of global change; the special conditions supporting life and the Universe around us; a vital time-oriented biblical calculation; concerns for stewardship — both secular and biblical; and an extended universal timeline. Connections eventually appear between these topics, but for now think of each element as part of a scrapbook containing images, studies, and thoughts. Assembling these elements into a holistic, universal, window view is a primary goal.

The holistic nature of this scenario is built upon time which interweaves activities, beliefs, science, current trends, and history. Getting a feel for the direction of timelines is critical to your understanding of the future. Each part and their chapters — like separate panes of the window — present different perspectives to compose the larger view.

Part One illustrates how humanity as a whole is challenged to respond to negative human-driven change. Here, science offers a vantage point to examine awesome global changes. This reveals certain knowledge, but there is also much uncertainty, the evidence is not always hard and fast. Humanity now awakens to consider a life and death gamble where Earth's environment and inhabitants are at risk.

Library Window

A brief segment of time corresponds with this global activity. As we pass from one millennium to the next, we witness human needs overtaking and degrading the bounty of the Earth's resources. Identifying signs for local and global change allows you to see still other trends which create limited choices and thereafter form the course of humanity's future.

Knowledge of the Universe, its creation, and the physical properties making life provides a way to understand cosmic properties underlying our being. In this light, think of each human as an earthen vessel made of the Universe's clay—simply energy. Part Two briefly addresses the existence of the cosmos as a product of an unfolding, evolutionary, creation process — which follows a cosmic timeline. If we are the beneficiaries of a created Universe, then there is a Creator and our perception of life is based on the substance of creation. Wondrously, cosmology provides a growing foundation of evidence for a remarkable creation story. With so many old arguments separating science and religion, we are challenged to avoid compromise and to seek an accurate view of our Universe — even in terms of a combined biblical and cosmological setting.

Part Three presents a specific biblical timeline and topics related to personal creation and historical change. A key to this understanding is found in the sometimes hidden, but otherwise clearly obvious, scriptural identity of Messiah. Why is this important to topics concerning change or our Universe? The answer lies in timelines, ancient scrolls, Scriptures on stewardship, and a fascinating historical chronology that identifies the Jewish Messiah. Missing the Messiah's identity in the past adds a crucial tension to current events.

Part Four further defines a convergence of events and weaves the previous topics into one cloth of logic. Even though the first three parts describe very different subject areas, the entire narrative brings a collection of points into a single timeline. Herein, science and history contribute to this writing's description of a futuristic Universal timeline.

If viewed alone, scientific evidence might be all that is required to explain the world and Universe — might we exist by chance? Inevitably, questions arise to complicate the scientific picture. Thus, the biblical perspective provides historical details, relates to the characteristics of human nature, illustrates our choices, and explains humanity's future. Combining science with Scripture may seem a tricky business. But where the two merge, you have the right to understand relationships between subjects that are often sequestered to opposite corners. And if you are here by purpose, then how will you respond?

The key to this book is in observing a convergence of factors from every vantage point. In this regard, convergence delivers every person — no matter who they are — to a single inescapable conclusion concerning a purpose for humanity. In the process, Scripture and science do merge allowing the reader to comprehend the entire view that one can only see through the Creator's Window.

The Creator's Window - Viewing Global Change, Universal Timelines & The Promise

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