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Creator's Window: Thesis

The Creator's Window - Viewing Global Change, Universal Timelines & The Promise

The Creator's Window is a writing project that is the starting point for framing the WindowView. Ideas, concepts, sources, information, reflections of scientific meetings and biblical readings contributed to an array of perspectives. A perspective is a 'line of sight' and if you look through a window from various positions ... you can gather different perspectives to gain personal insight. Put the different perspectives together and a larger picture forms. Our lives are windows, our days and activities gather perspectives, and if we are observant beyond our individual needs and experiences, then life's bigger picture presents itself to each one of us. Along the way we ask questions ... what is life if it has a purpose? Does the window help us to see meaning and purpose?

In the window, a thesis is intended to be a more specific statement of intent and content. This Creator's Window Area, however, is inclusive of the entire WindowView, simply because this area represents the book manuscript that led to the development of the WindowView (web site). The intent therefore is that the entire WindowView presents different perspectives that in sum total lead to a logical conclusion—i.e., the Convergence Area.

Regarding content, early on, during the writing of the draft manuscript, people were asked what they thought of a book entitled 'The Creator's Window.' The word 'creator' elicits an array of responses ... that seem to range from repulsion by more secular persons to curiosity by more open thinkers and persons with some acceptance of the Bible or religion. Can you handle such a word in objective fashion? The polarization in extreme responses defies the fact that the book's content applies to every living person on the planet ... no matter what they believe.

The manuscript's core ideas include concepts that were unfolding, still growing, in the early discussion on climate and global changes, and elsewhere in terms of biology, life's origin(s), and what Scripture had to inform us about the future. Could all of that somehow blend into one field of view? Might Science and Scripture information somehow be in Harmony? And by harmony, the idea is that the two spheres of information are equally valuable in informing us about life. Getting past dogmatic persons who narrowly insist on only what they have to say, to then dig for details, to look for reliable and objective sources ... adds perspectives.

The content of the Creator's Window then looks at topics from three basic perspectives: Science, Change, and Scripture (i.e., the Harmony Area).

Because the book writing project is just a start to building the WindowView, we encourage you look at the book chapters and even download PDF copies (scroll through Parts One to Four of the draft version of the book) . But overall, it is the Key Scenarios that the WindowView areas offer, at this web site, that need attention ... such that you might make an important Step Up To Life.

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