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The Creator's Window

First, view a short video introduction to the Creator's Window. As you will see and hear, the WindowView web pages started as a writing project entitled: The Creator's Window - Viewing Global Change, Universal Timelines & The Promise. And by exploring the pages related to this project you will find links to download individual draft chapters (PDF) of the book.


Next ... the OVERVIEW

The video presented here is a reflection of the larger window view. This introduction is a bit unique in that writing a book manuscript (linked to pages here) is the starting point for the web site you now visit.

Each area of the WindowView web site offers a separate 'key scenario' that considered in light of the entire window begs a closer look. Unique perspectives from Science, Change, Harmony and the Convergence of the scenarios into the single big picture.

On the left are three more menu options. The 'Overview' is a plain language explanation for the Creator's Window. This is short and easy to read. For those who want the deeper implications to this project, we have provided a 'Thesis' page. The link to "All Articles" essentially leads to access to the book sections in four parts.

The window looks to a horizon and all 'sight lines' compose what is to be seen ... for on the horizon is our future.

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