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BUTTONS: There are a number of buttons located along the time line.

Clicking on a button makes a special topic appear . Each window contains a unique article specifically for the time line.


CLOSING WINDOWS: If you scroll through the content you'll find a 'Previous Page' button to return you to the TimeLine.

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TIME LINE FORMAT: Each main section of the time line covers a specific span of time. You can navigate from segment to segment by using the Timeline Menus on each page.

Generally speaking, the TimeLine's left side column lists dated science related topics or events. The right side column lists 'religious' or scripture-based events or topics related to the Middle East.

As you look, see a progression between these two columns as they reflect increasing human activity over time. Not only more activity, but more, faster, and with more far reaching impacts globally. Where does the time lead to? Where do the Scriptures indicate we'll be headed beyond the present? There is a gap narrowing between current events and those projected for time ahead.

LINKS: There are also, along the entire time line, a number of links to articles and feature areas from other parts of WindowView. In many respects, the time line pages represent the 'backbone' to WindowView's main content.


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