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Cambrian Explosion and the Appearance of Life

There is really a 'stir going on in science' about the fossil finds that reveal a very rapid appearance of many of the marine animal groups that are associated with the Cambrian Era.

Life appears to arrive in many of the major groups with virtually no time for macroevolution to take place. Most dramatic of all ... each 'body plan' for the groups of organisms represent unique sets of information. DNA contains information, not simply genes, but instructions that make life.

The Cambrian Era came in with an explosion of new biological information ... and this perspective is mind boggling, fascinating and a revelation.

The fossil finds are not limited to one location alone. Might this be evidence for a unique creation day? Certainly, the observations beg an open dialog and the possibility that life appeared on earth in a way other than the standard story attributed to Darwinism (and we address this further in the Science section of WindowView).

There may be much yet to learn here, but this is certainly worthy of serious attention... as some call it... we may have stumbled upon ''Biology's Big Bang.'' Also note, that at other points in time other similarly rapid appearances occurred for plants and animal phyla... all revealing themselves without the assumed ancestral or intermediate forms thought necessary by evolutionists. There is other evidence beyond fossils that add to this remarkable evidence, this too is addressed in our feature area on Science.

Extinctions have also occurred at various points in time. More details on these events may appear elsewhere in the WindowView, but they are certainly detailed in the scientific literature. Again, even after massive losses of life, as much as 90 to 95% of species in some cases (not just the loss of individual animals but entire species)... yet in time to follow the earth is quickly repopulated by life forms. And again, there is not the projected amount of time that Darwinian scientists would suggest is required for new species to replace the old.

The standard story of macroevolution whereby one expects intermediate formsare generated by changes over long periods of geological time is not supported by evidence noted above. The fossil record is clearly lacking in intermediate forms... in reality we would expect an array of fossil forms spanning time with numerous examples of minor changes leading from one major form to the next. In fact, to expect so many variations would defy determining specific species — no single description would suffice to identify the identity of a type within such a broad array of intermingled forms. If not impossible to find, what intermediate links in evolution that some have identified often lead to organisms classified as unique species — effectively removing their status as intermediate forms.

The Cambrian Explosion and other related evidence is explored elsewhere in the WindowView... So, now let's move on...

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