Satan on Campus: Harvard to Host “Black Mass”

From the article entitled:


Coming Monday: Devil worship as an educational experience.

“Plans for a Satanic black mass Monday evening in Memorial Hall at Harvard University recall conservative icon William Buckley’s famous God and Man at Yale, which in 1951 chastised his Ivy League school for abandoning its Christian roots. His critique applied to nearly all of America’s most prestigious, historically Protestant academies that shed their church affiliations in favor of a brash secularism.

“What would Buckley, a devout Catholic, say today about a black mass at Harvard, the nation’s oldest university and founded by the Puritans to train Calvinist clergy?

“The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston expressed its “deep sadness and strong opposition to the plan to stage a ‘black mass’ on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge.” Certainly Buckley would be sad too but not too surprised. He diagnosed the spiritual and intellectual trajectory over 60 years ago.

“A statement from Harvard Extension School carefully explains that “an independent student organization,” the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club, will host a “controversial student event involving a historical reenactment of a black mass ceremony that has a narrator providing historical context and background.” ‘

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And we wonder how much money is spent on an academic year at an Ivy League institution to then see the sadest of events emerge on campus.

Is glorifying satan a sign of these times?  The letter to the seventh church, as presented in the Book of Revelation, reveals that today we live an an age of apostasy … and with Harvard’s help, the point is well made and we have arrived at that latter day–Today.