Talmud and Evidence Related to Messiah

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Some time ago we were informed that the Talmud contained some very interesting passages.  If you reflect on what the Bible says, both in the Tanach ( Covenant, Hebrew Bible) and the New Covenant, these passages make perfect sense and are a testimony to Messiah having appeared to the Jewish people. He came for a time, then left. What happened after he left is astounding.

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The Talmud Describes  Wonderful Events

The Talmud Describes Wonderful Events

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Talmud and Evidence for Messiah

WindowView presents a couple of articles that relate to writings in the Talmud that on the one hand provide evidence for who exactly IS the Messiah of Israel, and on the other hand writings that touch on a number of other related issues.

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Why is this article so popular? Frankly, having Jewish writers give an account of events that logically points to the true identity of Messiah is a kind of validation that actually should “send some chills down the spine!”  The unlikely source itself is saying “See, these events are miraculous and show the way to an identity.”

Read the article and see for yourself!

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Also, watch a video made in Israel that presents archeological evidence for a community of Messianic believers who lived around and following the time of Yesahua. (Watch the Video!)