War Machines and the Middle East – April 20, 2015

From Watch.org

  • To wage war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is using F-15 fighter jets bought from Boeing. Pilots from the United Arab Emirates are flying Lockheed Martin’s F-16 to bomb both Yemen and Syria. Soon, the Emirates are expected to complete a deal with General Atomics for a fleet of Predator drones to run spying missions in their neighborhood.

    As the Middle East descends into proxy wars, sectarian conflicts and battles against terrorist networks, countries in the region that have stockpiled American military hardware are now actually using it and wanting more.

  •  AFTER THE Soviet Union collapsed, Richard Nixon observed that the United States had won the Cold War, but had not yet won the peace. Since then, three American presidents—representing both political parties—have not yet accomplished that task. On the contrary, peace seems increasingly out of reach as threats to U.S. security and prosperity multiply both at the systemic level, where dissatisfied major powers are increasingly challenging the international order, and at the state and substate level, where dissatisfied ethnic, tribal, religious and other groups are destabilizing key countries and even entire regions.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel views with utmost gravity the supply of S-300 missiles from Russia to Iran • Russian President Vladimir Putin warns Israel not to sell weapons to Ukraine, saying this would increase strife in eastern Ukraine.

    “Israel views with utmost gravity the supply of S-300 missiles from Russia to Iran, especially at a time when Iran is stepping up its aggression in the region and around the borders of the State of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

    “Israel also views with utmost gravity the fact that there is no reference to this aggression in the agreement being made between the major powers and Iran. There is no stipulation that this aggression be halted, whether at the start of the agreement or as a condition for the lifting of sanctions.

Changing Tides in the US – A Reflection of a Changing World

Change Under Obama, et al.

As the last days of 2013 were passing to a close, the Associated Press released an article that characterized the failings of the Obama administration. “Fits and Starts” and grand notions of successful programs dashed as if waves could hope to hold together upon hitting a rocky shore.

The AP report  notes:

“Yet Obama’s agenda of gun control, immigration reform, a grand budget bargain and more sits unfulfilled. Obama’s job approval and personal favorability ratings are near the lowest point of his presidency, with increasing numbers of Americans saying they no longer consider him to be honest or trustworthy. Abroad, too, positive views of Obama have slipped, with confidence in him doing the right thing in world affairs dropping.”

(Alternate source of the AP article)

What is the true perspective on matters occurring under Obama’s care and direction?  Some examples:

— Under Obama health care is being socialized one step at a time … and those who don’t support certain medical procedures or preventatives are pooled into lending dollars to their unsupportable causes.

— Under Obama the nation’s secrets are exposed.

— Under Obama ‘pot’ is now legal in many states and potentially the grass will be sprayed with opiates and other substances weakening the minds of a once great nation.

— Under Obama the country is idle in military prowess … Only to threaten action while watching another nation’s people flee to the north and east to escape a dictator’s gas attacks.

— Under Obama gives a blind eye and effectively legalizes behaviors … previously on the books as unlawful … in the name of a human right … instead of simply recognizing what is ( biblical or mere ) sin and what is in fact a lifestyle choice. There is a difference! Equal protection and loving all mankind (gay and straight) does not also have to mean compromising morality or biblical truths … but under Obama normality is shifting to something new. Rationalization is shifting correctness.

— Under Obama a nation cannot find reasonable means to stop the guns that shoot people in the workplace, children in schools, and disrupt the peace in peacetime.

— Under Obama unemployment remains high and the economy weak.

— Under Obama the apple of the Lord’s eye is low hanging fruit for enemies all around … and nations spin uranium in preparation of agenda left to their own devices.

But Wait Just A Minute!

What should worry us most is NOT Obama … what is worrisome is that citizens are idly watching. Is what appears to be ‘Obama flaws’ simply his doing? As the days of the end of this time pass by, the US as a whole is looking at all this … what is under Obama is actually on top of a multitude of people. And the world watches and takes note.

Beyond US Shores

And if you, elsewhere in the world, are not under Obama, then why do you sit idly watching all the nations toss about to and fro … there is no rest, no peace, and turmoil over all the earth.  Is what you see in the West a mere reflection of troubles that challenge other world leaders?  Easy as it is to point a finger at a President or the US, what about where you are? Are there jobless, the hungry, violence and unrest? Can any one leader control a global economy in disarray? How high is unemployment in your region? What is the state of moral concerns where you live? Is a subtle shift transforming the world … globally?  For the better?

From the Window

There are no surprises from this window view … for all the current woes are already known and ‘it is written’ like the last days of this year as they pass to a close.  Biblically, last days bring humanity in transition from an innocence and peace post World War II to a new world order that is not innocent, no longer placid but on edge, and where technology is taking over people. We are less human, less moral, and struggling with being materially secure. Is that what life is? Material? What does the soul inside of you say?

The world has a yardstick already in place that tells us of political, social, and moral changes yet to come.  Biblical prophecy is often sensationalized to the point of being incomprehensible in terms of the present. But when the present state of human affairs reach forward to what the biblical projections have already put in anticipation of tomorrow—so tomorrow is now here—only the alert minds make the connections.  Are you aware?

Ironically, Mr. Obama is trying to do what is correct and yet his best efforts are on history’s slippery slope where all humanity is sliding right into the known future. Yes, known, for it is written!  We can sympathize with a President’s intention to do well, but also his ratings reveal that his nation’s peoples are aware it is not going well … but then, is it going all the better anywhere for human kind?

Look out your window. Think about it!

What does that quiet inner voice in you say?

What is that voice? What is life, really?

What will 2014 bring us?

Director, WindowView.org


This month’s Israel News review focuses almost exclusively on the deal struck between Iran and six world powers to curb the Shiite regime’s nuclear program.  However Israeli officials fear Iran’s radical leaders may see the accord as an international endorsement of their “right” to enrich uranium since it allows such production to continue, even if at a lower level.  That is certainly how Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other Iranian leaders view it, since they have said so.   Details of the accord and the Israeli government reaction to it lie below.  A happy Thanksgiving to all Americans who just celebrated that annual holiday.

Many parts of the Middle East continued to experience warfare and upheaval during November, especially in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. This came as diplomats from six world powers attempted to forge an agreement with the nefarious Iranian regime to curb its threatening nuclear development program.  A preliminary accord that Israeli leaders strongly denounced as totally inadequate was thwarted at the last minute in early November by French intervention.  Many political analysts saw this as another sign that Israel’s main international ally, the United States, is slowly abandoning that role under President Barrack Obama’s increasingly unpopular rule.

The steadily growing breach between Washington and Jerusalem was significantly deepened when a second round of negotiations later in November produced a six month interim deal hailed by Obama as “an important first step” in halting Iran’s nuclear development program.  American government officials then revealed that the Obama administration had been conducting secret back channel talks with the Shiite Iranian regime in the Arab country of Oman for nearly a year before this month’s formal negotiations began in Geneva Switzerland. READ MORE …

Dolan Update September – October

To all our readers at the Window, you might be interested in David Dolan’s book which is recently updated … read below:

Shalom to all,

It was another month of dramatic news emanating from the turbulent Middle East as the United States teetered on the edge of launching a punishing military strike upon the embattled Syrian Assad regime. The Israeli government and people followed developments very closely, knowing they could easily get caught up in the unpredictable repercussions of such action. Details of the month’s unfolding news concerning Syria and other topics is contained in this Israel news review and analysis report below.

Next month, I’m scheduled to speak at an Israel conference to be held in the Mexican city of Monterrey, southwest of Corpus Christi Texas. Although the area was hit hard by a hurricane earlier this month, I am hearing that all is well and the conference will go on. Among other things, I plan to share my thoughts about the crisis in Syria and how it might connect to an ancient prophecy found in Isaiah 17 which foretells the total destruction of Damascus, Syria’s capital city. As many of you know, this prophecy forms the background for the opening scenario in my first end time novel, THE END OF DAYS, originally written in the mid-1990s. An updated electronic version recently went on sale on the Amazon.com web site. In the novel, I describe a massive Syrian chemical weapons strike upon Israel that ultimately leads to an Israeli nuclear response. For details about the conference and/or my books, check out my web site, www.ddolan.com

READ MORE from the Dolan September update.

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Help for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

The following post presents the words from a friend who is working with Operation Blessing International. We are providing Jennifer’s personal account. For additional information we refer you to Operation Blessing Intl.‘s website.


I have been working with the Syrian refugees in Jordan for about the past year now. We just recently went to Jordan on Sept 9th. These are some pictures I took. The situation in Jordan is severe and that does not count Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and other countries where they are fleeing. To hear their stories up close and personal is heartbreaking. The people have fled with NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING. We are trying to raise money to help them. My boss was here and he is a filmmaker so he took video. You will be able to see that in a few days on www.ob.org.


From listening to these stories, even if the US did something to deter the situation of the systematic killing of the Syrians, it would be worth it. Sometimes you have to put your comfort/thoughts/resources aside to help those in need and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Social justice is a major theme in the bible throughout the prophets. I am in a position to change the situations of the refugees and I am going to do my best to make that happen.

Jennifer’s Coworker Providing Support


IMG_7649jaOf note, what you might not expect … The Israeli’s and I are working together on this. Yes, the Israelis want to help the Syrians and I am here to tell you that it is happening more than you know and more than you will hear.


At this point we have delivered food, clothing, blankets to the refugees about 7,500 so far. We are working to meet the ongoing needs of Refugees as the come across the border with absolutely nothing. The take their family which could be as many as 12-20 people in one family and cross the border overnight. They come into the towns and villages looking for shelter and food. The UN camp is to capacity at 120,000 people. The UN is trying to build two more camps but in the mean time, the refugees overflow into the towns to stay in abandoned buildings, with families or anywhere they can find. You can see UN tents scattered around northern Jordan, one here, two there, a few clustered together. We were taken to one makeshift camp of 25 families, about 160 people. They were telling us that we were the only people who had come to help them. No one else has come. We supplied them with food and the returned with 100 blankets the next day. 


As you stand face to face with these people who are soldiers, teachers, bakers, people of every kind you can’t help but think, “if I were in your shoes what would I want you to do for me?” The only answer I can come up with is to change their situation in any way possible. That means food, water, medication, shelter, work, any type of provision is something. Each one of these areas is being considered as we address those who want to help in this situation. The winter is coming and in northern Jordan it is already cool at night. The terrain is dry and open so the wind cuts across the area and it does get very cold.


The winter is coming and in northern Jordan it is already cool at night. The terrain is dry and open so the wind can come across the area and it does get cold.  I met a few women who have newborns that they gave birth to in their tents. There is no food, no milk, no supplies for the children. They have only a little when it comes to clothing. They are stranded in a situation that needs to be changed.

There is no food, no milk, no supplies for the children. I am working with Arabs, Christians and Jews to assist the Syrians. We have cut across the political, social and religious aspects of this situation to get to the heart of the matter – meet the needs of the refugee.

Isaiah 58:6-10 speaks of a true fast and if you see the hungry to feed him, the naked to clothe them, to provide shelter for the poor wanderer with shelter. We cannot sit idly by while these people suffer. It is our duty as human beings to respond and show that we do care and that we can change the situation.


We at WindowView.org believe that the larger picture on what is happening and will happen in the Middle East requires the compassion, understanding, and love that the Heavenly Father provides to all. If inspired, please visit Operation Blessing Intl.‘s website and consider how you might help. At the very least, be aware that the popular media hardly reports the complete story of events in the Middle East. Here are pictures from the full view.

Director, WindowView.org


Photo Credit and Permission granted by Jennifer Allen © 2013 all rights reserved


August Israel News Summary

From David Dolan’s latest post:

The Middle East appears to be on the brink of possible all-out war as the United States prepares to respond militarily to the apparent Syrian regime use of chemical weapons on a major scale last week. Israeli officials are warning that embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad may order his Hizbullah ally to launch a major rocket assault upon the small Jewish State in response to any significant US action. How Iran and other enemy countries might respond to such action is anybody’s guess, but the chances the situation could spiral totally out of control are being seriously asked at present in Israel. Naturally this month’s Israel news report of looks at the situation in Syria, although it begins with the crisis rocking Egypt.

Despite the growing prospects of wider military action in the region, I wish all of my Jewish friends in Israel and around the world a shana tova, or a good new year ahead as we begin the calendar year 5774 next week.

To read the full article click here!

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July 10 in a Hot Hot Political State of Conflicted Peoples

The past several months only bring the most fascinating headlines. Trouble in Egypt make the verses of Isaiah 19 leap off the page. And while economic conditions in Europe and the US hang by a thread of government supports, oil prices rise like a Middle East barometer foretelling more complications to come.

Like they say … It’s of biblical proportions!
Hey, take a look … Right there … Outside your window …

—————- from watch.org ———
HEADLINE: After a pre-dawn strike, Syria naval base blast points to Israeli raid

Foreign forces destroyed advanced Russian anti-ship missiles in Syria last week, rebels said on Tuesday – a disclosure that appeared to point to an Israeli raid.

Qassem Saadeddine, spokesman for the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council, said a pre-dawn strike on Friday hit a Syrian navy barracks at Safira, near the port of Latakia. He said that the rebel forces’ intelligence network had identified newly supplied Yakhont missiles being stored there.

“It was not the FSA that targeted this,” Saadeddine told Reuters. “It is not an attack that was carried out by rebels.

“This attack was either by air raid or long-range missiles fired from boats in the Mediterranean,” he said.

HEADLINE: EUN calls on Hezbollah to end involvement in Syrian conflict

The UN Security Council called on Lebanese Hezbollah militants on Wednesday to end any involvement in the conflict in neighboring Syria, while Lebanon’s UN envoy pledged that his country would keep its borders open to Syrians fleeing the violence.

Hezbollah has sent thousands of fighters to help Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces combat rebels, according to Israeli and Western estimates. Israel is now boosting its forces on the Syrian border, where it believes Hezbollah is preparing for the day when it could fight Israel.

“The Security Council calls upon all Lebanese parties to recommit to Lebanon’s policy of disassociation, to stand united behind President Michel Sleiman in this regard and to step back from any involvement in the Syrian crisis,” the UN body said.

HEADLINE: Egypt pushes transition, naming prime minister; Saudis and UAE promises $8 billion, oppose Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s military-backed interim leader named a new prime minister and won $8 billion in promises of aid from wealthy Arab allies in the Gulf on Tuesday in moves aimed at stabilizing a political transition less than a week after the army deposed the Islamist president.

The armed forces warned political factions that “maneuvering” must not hold up its ambitious fast-track timetable for new elections next year. The sharp message underlined how strongly the military is shepherding the process, even as liberal reform movements that backed its removal of Mohammed Morsi complained that now they are not being consulted in decision-making.

The Muslim Brotherhood denounced the transition plan, vowing to continue its street protests until ousted Morsi, the country’s first freely elected president, is returned to power.

HEADLINE: Is Egypt heading for holy war?

Away from the troublespots, life for millions of Egyptians continues as normal. Egypt’s most fundamental problems are more economic than political.

But in a week when the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood called for “an uprising by the great people of Egypt against those trying to steal their revolution with tanks”, when dozens were killed in clashes between the army and Islamists and when the grand sheikh of al-Azhar warned of a civil war, an awkward question hovers in the air.

Is Egypt now prone to a new “holy war” fought by Islamists against the authorities?

HEADLINE: As in the days of Noah and Lot: White House to name new liaison to Jewish community, a LGBT activist and point man

Lawyer Matt Nosanchuck has served as LGBT pointman in Justice Department, was active in crafting Obama’s gay rights agenda

The White House is set to name Matt Nosanchuk, a lawyer who has been prominent in advancing the Obama administration’s gay rights policies, as its new full-time Jewish liaison.

From 2009 to 2012, Nosanchuk was a top staffer in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, where he helped shape the Obama administration’s response to a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act. That challenge last month successfully nullified the act, extending federal rights to same-sex couples.

All of the above ‘smack of truth’ from a biblical perspective. The last headline is troubling because no God fearing person hates anyone, but at the same time cannot reject God’s leading. So really, WHAT is Kosher? If men or women of this era ‘burn with passion’ for the same sex … Then the biblical account that such would be a sign of the end times … is now here. So read this as an observation of what the Bible foretells in prophecy and then you can see why the organization that prepared the headline refers to the days of Noah. If a gay person is convicted by God’s will, then all the better. But a leader of the free world who calls himself Christian and then does what is contrary to Torah … well, you think about that … again, we are just pointing out the obvious.

All together … All these headlines ‘smack’ of end time truths. These headlines are fantastic … Amazing! And if you aren’t sure why we’d say this … it would be a good time to unravel the web of information the Bible holds inside.

But again, we are just making observations … you can look through the window and see for yourself!

Director, WindowView.org

Indicators – June 25, 2013 – Any Progress Yet?

The last entry with any indication of a peace process was essentially followed by a period of little activity … but a shift to news on Syria, missiles and rockets, and tensions with other nations posturing support for the Syrian or rebel troops took the spot light.

Damascus is still of interest in light of Isaiah’s words … continued fighting could lay much of the city waste and even the destruction thus far seems a reflection of Scripture.

The burden against Damascus. “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap. (Isaiah 17:1 NKJV)

Obviously, from the point of Arab Spring going forward, it’s the entire area that needs a solution. God willing compassion would enter into the picture … but the latest from Egypt is little compassion from within the population for its own leadership, go figure … but the biblical perspective leaves us unsurprised by what we see. So a remarkable leader will be the one to move a process of some kind toward the appearance of peace. Only a King’s scepter will draw the ultimate lines of peace.

The world will seek the strong leader … who is likely now waiting in the wings. Certainly there is no visible leader who is strong … and that is biblical because the weaker leaders will defer … For a time, times, and half a time …

For now, Israel is holding its ground and putting up missile shields … and waiting it out.

—————- from watch.org ———
HEADLINE: Kerry seeks Netanyahu-Abbas meeting.

US Secretary of State John Kerry will return to the Middle East for a new round of meetings on Thursday in an effort to press Israel and the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table.

Palestinian sources estimate that Kerry will try to coordinate a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

One Palestinian source expressed skepticism that Kerry will succeed in getting both leaders to agree to meet with no pre-conditions. He added that the matter is not on the Palestinian agenda.

HEADLINE: Officials: Obama’s policy team trying to ‘reign in’ Kerry over pledges to allies, rivals

Since becoming America’s top diplomat, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has issued several as yet undelivered – and perhaps undeliverable – foreign policy promises, including a historic breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

HEADLINE: Netanyahu urges Palestinians to start talks, and stay at them

Western diplomats tell Israeli media Netanyahu willing to release prisoners, freeze settlement building outside of the main blocs in return for Abbas giving up demand to start talks based on ’67 lines; Erekat denies report, says PA won’t give up preconditions.

Additional Report Links at Watch.org:
Abbas interested in restarting limited peace talks

PA denies report Abbas ready to restart peace talks

Israel smiles as EU voices full support for Kerry

HEADLINE: At dedication of West Bank school, Netanyahu pleads the fifth on future of settlements

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited on Monday the settlement of Barkan in the West Bank, for the first time since the election and two days before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrives for a visit in Israel.

Netanyahu, who visited Barkan for the dedication of an elementary school named after his father, Benzion Netanyahu, avoided making binding or clear statements regarding the peace process or the future of the settlements.

BTW, the next upgrade to WindowView is close. A couple of videos and a few more pages to write up and it looks like a launch will come in July. Stay tuned, this is a big format upgrade and new content will come throughout the year to come.

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Thoughts from June 11

For those who looked at the previous post and tried the video link with no positive result, we have fixed the link to a page that works with most browsers (certainly most recent versions).

As many of us seem to feel global economies are getting a bit more settled, the real scriptural perspective of vital importance is what happens in and around Jerusalem. From the window view we are aware that current progress towards peace in Israel is as slow as before. What we watch for is the subtle things that will allow the major shift to a peace pact … and perhaps the seven year covenant (fragile agreement) that one global leader will put into effect. That is scriptural.

Whether John Kerry makes for a significant step forward, or fails, may equally make for the peace pact’s reality. Damascus is approaching ruin much like Isaiah tells us will be the case and the full story on Syria is yet to be played out … but this may really be distraction from the really important issue … who is it that makes the peace pact Scripture says is coming. Then what? You can read ahead on this one … and the last segment of the WindowView timeline outlines the key events.

—————- from watch.org ———
HEADLINE: Netanyahu: Construction in West Bank settlements continues

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Monday that he wanted to resume peace talks, but that construction in the settlements in the West Bank would continue, “and continues today.”

“Settlement in the blocs wouldn’t substantively change the ability to reach an agreement,” Netanyahu said, adding that “the real question is whether or not there is a will to recognize the Jewish State.”

Israel has long said that under any peace agreement it intends to keep its largest settler enclaves built in Ariel, near the Palestinian city of Nablus, in Gush Etzion in the Bethlehem area, and in the Jerusalem area. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has so far linked a resumption of peace talks to a total freeze in settlement construction.

HEADLINE: Kerry delays Middle East trip to give Abbas more time

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who was supposed to arrive in Israel on Tuesday, has delayed his trip, likely until next week.

The delay is meant to give Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas more time to decide whether to drop his demanded preconditions for restarting peace negotiations with Israel. Abbas has said Israel must freeze settlement construction in Judea and Samaria and accept the 1967 borders as the basis for a two-state solution before talks can be held.

Kerry had not yet officially announced his trip and therefore did not respond to reports it had been delayed.

HEADLINE: Barghouti: US not honest broker, peace deadlocked

On Sunday, jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti stated that the U.S. is not an honest broker and the peace talks with Israel have reached a deadlock.

Netanyahu, urgently distancing himself from deputy minister’s comments, says government wants two-state solution

After Danny Danon tells Times of Israel that majority in coalition would block Palestinian state, sources close to Netanyahu say PM wants to resume talks right away and discuss ‘all issues’.

The Prime Minister’s Office on Saturday firmly distanced itself from comments made to the Times of Israel by Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon that a strong majority in the government and the coalition oppose a two-state solution with the Palestinians and would block the creation of a Palestinian state if such a proposal ever came to a vote.

Danon’s comments “do not represent the position of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government of Israel,” the sources said in response to Danon’s interview, which was published on Thursday.

HEADLINE: Defense minister shuns deputy over two-state comments

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon was displeased with Danny Danon’s appointment as his deputy after January’s elections and limited the latter’s responsibilities as much as possible, but last week’s interview with The Times of Israel was the last straw, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

“I’ve given up [my] responsibility for him a long time ago. Don’t come to me with complaints” about Danon, Ya’alon was quoted as saying behind closed doors by the Hebrew daily.

According to Yedioth, since Danon’s appointment as No. 2 in the Defense Ministry, Ya’alon “seriously curtailed [Danon’s] powers as his deputy, reduced as much as possible his meetings with military personnel and didn’t permit him to appoint [for himself] a military aide.”

HEADLINE: Settlement starts spike 176% in 1st quarter of 2013

Settler housing starts spiked by 176% in the first quarter of 2013, as construction in the two largest settlement cities of Beitar Illit and Modin Illit, roared back to life after being almost dormant for the last three years, according to Central Bureau of Statistics Data. In the first three months of this year, work began on 865 new homes in Judea and Samaria, as opposed to 313 new homes last year over same the period.

HEADLINE: De facto building freeze takes hold in East Jerusalem
Palestinians lay groundwork for future state

Six cities, two airports, a high-tech complex, a university and a system of highways to connect all of the above are included in the new Palestinian construction plan aimed at setting facts on the ground and creating a territorial continuity in the West Bank for an independent state.

HEADLINE: Israel Aims to Stay Out of Syria Conflict

Israel wants to stay out of Syria’s civil war, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday. Israel has conducted at least three air strikes on suspected Syrian depots for weaponry. And Israel’s forces have occasionally shelled Syrian positions in response to shooting at the Israeli side of the Golan. But despite violence eroding security on the Golan Heights border area, Netanyahu said Israel would not get involved in Syria unless it was fired upon.

Scroll down to the previous post and take a moment to watch our brief video. And take into account how,what we see in the Middle East also portends a revival as the Israeli people identify and embrace their Messiah.

Director, WindowView.org

Week of May 6 – continued Stress and Fractures in Middle East

If the battles and struggles over establishing a new national identity called Palestine was not also rooted in an ideology that originated in the seventh and eighth centuries … then the peace effort would merely be one of logistics and getting about the business of running civil governments. But it’s not merely civil, pun intended, because even the one liner below about naming of a capitol tells us nothing here is ever going to be simple … because of ideological presumptions.

Those who have studied the Bible have already “read ahead” and sort of know what’s coming. A chronology of events described long before any writings of other religious writings now seems to be in effect. We don’t say every news event is a specific element of that chronology, but many help support and buttress the chronological sequence. The main plot we see is a struggle that entails sustaining Israel now and forever. So the take over plot of Jerusalem is a lost cause that evidently must be played out first. If you read ahead, a New Jerusalem lives on, there is no mention of Palestine in the eternal chronology.

BTW, the words of Isaiah about the demise of Damascus just seem to come to mind as the physical state ot Syria and Damascus itself continue to crumble.

——— from watch.org ———–
HEADLINE: Iran says will turn Golan into ‘Fatahland’

After alleged Israel attack on Syria, Iran issues war-like declarations, orders Assad army to protect homeland, according to Hezbollah-affiliated newspaper. ‘Front open to Syrians, Palestinians, to all who wish to fight Israel’
The report also said that Nasrallah recently participated in more than one session of the Hezbollah’s “Jihad Council.” The newspaper claimed that during these meetings, the secretary-general stated, “Israel believes that if it attacks facilities and strategic stockpiles, it changes the resistance capabilities. This is an erroneous assessment.” He said,”The reason being that the stocks of the resistance have been filled with all that it needs.”

Nasrallah also warned, “If Israel attacks any (arms) cache of Hezbollah in Lebanon, the response will be immediate and total war.”

HEADLINE: Report: Russia delivers supersonic cruise missiles to Syria

Military source confirms delivery of missiles, according to an AFP report; second official says missiles will protect Syria from ‘possible attack from the sea.’

HEADLINE: Keeping up marathon meetings, Livni and Kerry to parley

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome this week as efforts intensify to bring Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table for peace talks.

Kerry will meet with Livni, who is managing Israel’s diplomatic efforts vis-avis the Palestinians, on Wednesday, the State Department said early Tuesday.

Livni, who met with Kerry last week, called the renewed effort “good news.” Kerry “is completely involved, determined” to restart negotiations, which have largely been frozen since 2008, she said.

HEADLINE: Lapid nixes Netanyahu-backed referendum on peace;
Livni applauds decision

Livni applauds Yesh Atid for putting ‘good of the people before politics’ in pursuing an agreement with the Palestinians.

The centrist Yesh Atid party on Monday came out against the idea of legislating a national referendum on any future peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority, effectively stymieing the initiative, which was being championed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The party, headed by Finance Minister Yair Lapid, reached the decision after a lengthy discussion at a faction meeting, Yesh Atid said in a statement. The decision established a majority against the initiative in the Cabinet, and pits Lapid against Netanyahu and his close coalition partner Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett, aligning him with Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) and Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu party.

HEADLINE: Billions of locust eggs hatch in the Negev

The locust swarms that entered Israel in March and April, although prevented from causing major crop damage by an intensive spraying campaign, still left behind billions of eggs that are now hatching.

The newly hatched locusts could be a real disaster for crops, especially when they gain the ability to fly, Negev Regional Council head Shmuel Rifman warned.

“The Agriculture Ministry has lost control and doesn’t have the appropriate tools to destroy billions of locusts,” he said in a Channel 10 TV interview Monday night, appealing to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare a state of emergency in the Negev.

HEADLINE: Barkat: Let the Palestinians rename Ramallah as ‘Jerusalem’

‘Jerusalem’s mayor rules out any notion of Palestinian rule in the capital, slams Olmert’s peace offer as a ‘terrible mistake,’ and says it’s ‘ridiculous’ that Jews can’t pray on the Temple Mount

If you haven’t “read ahead” in the Bible … We recommend you take a look. It’s remarkable. We’ll visit more on this topic in future posts.

Director, WindowView.org