God’s Glory in a Tent — Sukkot

Through this window we take a special look at a special fall festival …. the Feast of Booths.  Read a presentation by Scott Brown on this special time of year … to be shared by Jew and Gentile alike.  But first, to the Jew, see Messiah in the tent (alive and with us)!  To the Gentile, learn why this Jewish event is all-inclusive and a time to celebrate by all!


Here is just a portion of the presentation:

“I had NO IDEA that my destiny and yours is determined by how we respond to that magnificent plan to save us. I didn’t have a clue that all those millions of animal sacrifices at the temple for all those hundreds of years were a big fat neon sign telling ME—thousands of years later—that I need an innocent sacrifice if my sins would be forgiven.

“And if you would have asked me about Sukkot, I may have told you it’s the Jewish version of Thanksgiving, or that it’s the closest thing to camping Jews do, since that 40 year campout-thing we did in the wilderness!!!

“But I would NEVER have known to tell you… that the OVERWHELMING theme of Sukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles—is the Glory of God.”

We hope you’ll read the entire column …

Director, WindowView.org