Remembrance of Holocaust: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Information released by the “Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel”:

1. 46% of Israelis believe that a second Holocaust can happen. This is 5% higher than last year.

2. 47% of Israel’s 189,000 Holocaust survivors agree.

3. 46% of survivors believe that future generations will not remember the Holocaust after they are gone. This is 9% higher than last year. 31% of the general public feels that this is the case.

4. About 40 of the 189,000 survivors still alive in Israel die each day. Nearly 25% live in poverty. 27% said that they live without heat in their apartments during the winter and 65% said that they needed help to pay for their groceries and medications.

5. Almost half – 45% – report feeling lonely most of the time. Over one-third, or 36%, live alone and half are widowed.

Thursday, April 16, is a day to remember the Holocaust and also be a day to remember the plight of those who survived the Holocaust and are still alive today.  While many millions beyond the Jewish people died in the world war … one third of the Hebrew people died at the hand of a wretched and twisted mind.  That mind was not just one man, but a mindset that infected humanity.  That was yesterday.

Today we see the seeds of that same mindset infecting peoples around the globe, it is happening again! You should ask why and think about how hatred infests the masses and that you have a choice not to do so. Ask why Israel?  What if that nation were just left alone to its own life and customs?

Those who read the Bible anticipate what comes tomorrow.  The seeds of hate bring persecution.  This is what we see blossoming in the tomorrow.  We also know that a Remnant will emerge with foresight of what the LORD intends … The Remnant embrace the Way … the way forward.

67a698b8-ce30-4447-90b1-cc502ec337cb Visit the current posting for the March of Remembrance.

This week there will be marches in cities around the world in remembrance of the Holocaust past. Perhaps you will be so gripped by the reality of yesterday to join in the march.  In so doing, you may also acknowledge that the persecutions of today and tomorrow will not succeed. The Light has come. The Light of Messiah will cause every knee to bend … even those who think that persecution earns hem paradise … when in fact it does no such thing.

Remember to be sober. Remember to think clearly. Remember to see the Way forward.


Holocaust: Time Line, March of Life, March of Remembrance

We are long enough past the holocaust of World War II and some just can’t fathom the evil of Adolf Hitler … but if you want to forget what happened, then history is bound to repeat itself … a concern to all … Jew and Gentile alike!


Not seeing the inherent repetition of hatred, antisemitism specifically, from Israel’s neighbors, especially Iran. The claims to put an end to Israel are loud to the point we ALL hear them. But will the world be in denial?


We have added something new to the WindowView … first you can watch as a time line video gives an account of what really happened to yield the Holocaust of World War II.

After that … watch a video as Ted Pearce, a Messianic Song Artist, sings and makes introductory comments to a March of Remembrance and after that the next video about the March of Life as presented by Pastor Jobst Bittner.  What you need to know is, there are Germans alive today that do not want the world to forget or ignore what happened in their country and in Europe during World War II.  The human soul and spirit is impacted even today as a following generation discovers what fathers and grandfathers were involved in during the war.

Click here to watch the time line, see Ted sing and present his video on the March of Remembarnce, and also watch Jobst Bittner describe how the March of Life now spans the globe.

The benefit is healing, reconciliation, and telling a story to those who may be unaware of the gravity of what the Holocaust really means to us who are alive today.  Click on the images above to visit the WindowView page on REMEMBRANCE.