WARNING: Persecution Creeps toward the USA

From watch.org on November 1

Billy Graham’s Warning to American Churches: ‘Prepare for Persecution’

The Rev. Billy Graham has issued a written warning to America’s churches: “Prepare for persecution.”

The renowned preacher and founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association penned a commentary that was posted on his website last week and is slated to appear in the November edition of Decision magazine.

In the magazine, Graham notes that the American church has been largely unfamiliar with persecution, writing that this “immunity to persecution that Christians in our country have experienced in the past two or three centuries is unusual.”

“As a whole, our nation does not know what privation is. We do not know what sacrifice is. We do not know what suffering is. Suppose persecution were to come to the church in America, as it has come in other countries,” wrote Graham.

“Since we have experienced little religious persecution in this country, it is likely that under pressure many would deny Christ. Those who shout the loudest about their faith may surrender soonest.”

———– End Times Note ———-

Persecution of the “saints” comes in the end of this era of time on earth. This is clearly noted in Scripture. Reverend Graham is attempting to wake up a sleeping public. The US has spent more time recently being PC (politically correct) and as a result there are those claiming rights, as in civil rights, for issues that are not merely civil, but sinful. Scripture tells us we will arrive at a time when “right is wrong and wrong is right” … a lawless state will creep across the globe … it’s already happening and you are probably sleeping in the face of reality.

Like ISIS beheading ‘infidels’ or oppressing peoples in the Middle East of the imposition of religious law (Shiria law) on those who have otherwise lived at peace and with morality unifying their communities (e.g., Iraq, Syria, elsewhere) … persecution in the extreme will plow all that under into darkness … why would that only happen “over there” and not here … persecution creeps and spreads its tendrils … slowly and over time … persecution comes.

If you want to read exactly what appears in Decision Magazine, you can download an electronic copy here.

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The Antichrist and Global Change

The WindowView pages were reorganized during 2014.  From the Home page you can click on the main links for Change, Science, Harmony, and Convergence … and in each case you arrive at a brief introductory video. From each intro you can get the view on what’s in the window by reading an overview followed by a thesis page.

To kick off the integration of science and scriptural data, the Change area presents a thesis indicating, on the one hand, global changes will continue to generate concerns and consequences.  On the other hand, economic and political forces will bring the world to adoption of a ten region (kingdom) based global governance. In steps a dynamic figure, a ‘strong man,’ who offers the world hope in the face of continued environmental and social stresses … and he will next turn the ten regional governments into a single global governance.

While not explicit the Change Thesis page is really saying you won’t, we won’t, the world won’t know that they are seeing the antichrist take a central role in global power … not simply in spiritual terms, but in material terms that will appeal to humans who continually seek a way out of material and natural woes.

Like any good politician, the strong man’s platform will be built of many planks, one of which will tout solutions to climate and global change.  The Scriptures give a clue as to how this will work and the Thesis page outlines the basic points to illustrate this facet of the future.

Take a look at the Change Thesis page and let us know what you think … a link to our comment form is located on the footer of each page at WindowView!

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Signs of Tribulation Coming in Proximity to Today

From the 1973 edition of Hal Lindsey’s book (There’s A New World Coming) we find the following list of signs of these times leading to the biblical period known as the tribulation—a.k.a. Great Tribulation, Time of Jacob’s Trouble, Day of the Lord. After the following block quote, we can make a few added comments to update this list … but please note how remarkable this listing truly is, from from over forty years ago, in light of recent events from the year 2000 to the present!

“Many of these predicted signs are amplified in various chapters of the Book of Revelation. Here I’m simply going to list them to get them focused in our minds as a group.

1. The return of the dispersed Jews to Israel to become a nation again in 1948.
2. The Jews’ recapture of the Old City of Jerusalem in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.
3. The rise of Russia as a powerful nation and enemy of Israel.
4. The Arab confederation against the new State of Israel.
5. The rise of a military power in the Orient that can field an army of 200 million soldiers. (Red China alone boasts that she has this number of troops!)
6. The revival of the old Roman Empire in the form of a ten-nation confederacy.
(I believe the European Common Market is ultimately going to be this power.)
7. The revival of the dark occultic practices of ancient Babylon.
8. The unprecedented turn to drugs.
9. The increase of international revolution.
10. The increase of wars.
11. The increase of earthquakes.
12. The increase of famines through the population explosion.
13. The coming of plagues.
14. The increase of pollution.
15. The departure of many Christian churches from the historic truths of Clnistianity.
16. The move toward one-world religion.
17. The move toward a one-world government.
18. The decline of the United States as a major world power.
19. The increase in lawlessness.
20. The decline of the family unit.”

For number 3 it seems almost prophetic in its own right that Russia during 1973 was far different as the USSR, but even today the Russia we see is even now still trending against Israel.

We are left uncertain about point 5 because the biblical text may not be speaking of a literal human army from China, but all the same, today China factors into a shifting global power structure that plays right into point number 18.

For 6, we note that many followed this prediction about Europe, but the biblical text speaks of the world, not just a localized block of nations. So, stay tuned, global trade and regional powers across the globe may well be the ten kingdoms spoken of in the scriptural text and that may parallel a global empire like that of ancient Rome.

Point 8, both pharmaceuticals, extensive use of opioids for pain relief and addictions of same, as well as legalization and broad use of marijuana—aside from continued heroin and crack usage … all this exists today well above the levels of abuse in 1973.

Climate change, no matter the source or reason, now brings increasing floods and droughts, all of which damage the global harvests (point 12).

Point 15, the recent acceptance of behaviors and changes in church policies across many denominations speaks of non-biblical traits that compromise the faith and the community within.

We could write more about the listing above, but the one added point we will contribute follows:

The last book in the Bible also speaks of souls and buying, selling, and thus owning. Like slavery before, today we see human trafficking and people fleeing tyranny and strife at a price, only to find they are indentured and captive to overlords and insensitive handlers. What is this world that souls are so abused?

How do you see this list? Might these be signs of a world so wrapped in itself as to bring us to the threshold of future biblical events. And if a chronology of events is already known from Scripture, would it not be wise to consider and discern the relevance of what is described there … now!

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Rosh Hashanah Rapture Mystery?

We speculate, but you can read more and think about the possibility that the time of year when there will be a rapture of saints to join the Lord, Yeshua, comes at this time of the High Holy Days cycle.

Is the Rapture a Jewish High Holy Day Event?

Is the Rapture a Jewish High Holy Day Event?

Read our WindowView article here! L’Shana Tova! …  Happy New Year! Director, windowView.org

Talmud and Evidence Related to Messiah

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Some time ago we were informed that the Talmud contained some very interesting passages.  If you reflect on what the Bible says, both in the Tanach ( Covenant, Hebrew Bible) and the New Covenant, these passages make perfect sense and are a testimony to Messiah having appeared to the Jewish people. He came for a time, then left. What happened after he left is astounding.

Come visit our page on Talmudic evidence for the Messiah of Israel!

The Talmud Describes  Wonderful Events

The Talmud Describes Wonderful Events

In the coming weeks we are going to challenge visitors to experience more of the window. Typically, visitors hit on a page or two without really appreciating the larger concept of WindowView.  We will tell you more about that challenge here in the coming .


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SUPERBOWL: A Communication Circle is Closing

Communications A Tell Tale Sign

Interesting as the American SuperBowl may be as a sporting event, it’s also a sign of the times. Consider that for the first time ever more aspects of advertising and sports reporting will be linked to social media—all that will be linked together. Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the Apps on iPads, smart phones, other tablets, and mobile devices … the human community will be a web of attention for this one event.

Aggression A Tell Tale Sign

And while the SuperBowl is churning, wings will be ravenously consumed with brew, insanely wild bar room cheering, centrifuges keep spinning in Iran, Hezbullah stashes more rockets, negotiators think of scheduling talks, and gas stock piles in Syria raise red flags of concern. Do you want to see where bombs are being made in Iran and North Korea … Google Earth it! And then Google the Super Dome … It’s a real small world.

Signs of the Times

If you read the books of Isaiah and Daniel in the Bible you might get wind of the fact that recent events in the Middle East align nicely with expected events. The rise of hostility in the countries around Israel is really not new news … it leads to what was already reported to come … and just now we are getting there.

What Clinches the Sign of a Closing Circle

If you read the books of Daniel and Revelation there is a picture of Jerusalem when two witnesses will stand as G–d’s testimony to a mid-point in the tribulation period. The signs of aggression we see today will have turned into a sequence of events outlined in Scripture. The signs of a linked social media community, complete with global streaming video, will be the web of communication that will allow everyone on the planet to simultaneously see the two witnesses. That’s what Scripture says … everybody will see it! Ok, technologically we have arrived at that point!

Who could have imagined we would come this far at the first Super Bowl? Or even at Super Bowl XX, no one could have imagined hand held personal video broad casts that could go viral … but the day the two witnesses step on to center stage … G-d’s servants will deliver to an audience never before acquired for any Super Bowl.

With these signs we point to a tale to tell … in advance.

Enjoy the game!

BTW … have you read the books?

Time to open the window …

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Event Horizon: The Scriptural End Time Milestone

A view to the current turn of events in the Middle East reveal a “global turn” against Israel. The biblical description of that nations turn against Israel is now coming to the forefront in a big way. Take this as evidence the we are now watching biblical prophecy in motion, or at the very least a trend that essentially supports the concept. The objective look is simply to acknowledge these headlines from watch.org as evidence that fills the WidowView … are you aware, watching, looking?

UN General Assembly votes 138-9, with 41 abstentions, to approve nonmember status for Palestine

General Assembly approves upgraded status for ‘Palestine’ ; Abbas and Prosor speak, followed by foreign ministers of Indonesia, Canada and Turkey; Israeli government sources say Oslo is dead; rightist arrested at anti-UN rally

Clinton, in Washington, slams counterproductive vote; British envoy: We asked Abbas to go back to talks and not to work against Israel in UN forums, but got no assurances

Full text of Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor’s
speech to the UN General Assembly, November 29, 2012

‘There is no power in the world that can disconnect the Jewish people from the land of Israel,’ Netanyahu says

“The UN resolution will not change anything on the ground… it won’t bring a Palestinian state closer to existence, but push it further away,” Netanyahu said at a conference marking the 35th anniversary of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem.

“Israel’s hand is extended in peace, but there will not be a Palestinian state without the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state,” the prime minister told the audience at Jerusalem’s Menachem Begin Heritage Center. “A Palestinian state will never be established without a declaration on ending the conflict… and the establishment of security arrangements to protect the State of Israel and its citizens.”

“No matter how many hands are raised [at the UN], there is no power in the world that can disconnect the Jewish people from the land of Israel,” Netanyahu concluded.

New Novel by David Dolan

… in his own words …

Shalom from Jerusalem,

September 28, is the official publication date for my new novel MILLENNIUM: THE LORD REIGNS.  My publisher in the USA has set up sales links on my web site.  This process took a bit longer than we expected (always a bug or two more than you hope for!) but it’s working now.  As mentioned last week, we are offering a special introductory discount price of just $12.95 per copy (the retail price is $15.95), and even less for orders of five copies or more, just $10.95 per copy.  A special half price deal is also being offered for my first companion novel, THE END OF DAYS, available for just $6.50 (list price $12.99).  However the web links for those deals are not yet set up, but orders can already be made via email at orders.millennium@gmail.com  In North America, you may also order via this toll free number: 888-639-8530.  All will soon be available from my web site, www.ddolan.com  We also filmed a short video about Millennium from my Jerusalem roof Monday morning, which will be posted on the YouTube web site soon (my channel is called DolanIsrael). I will send along the link.  I will be speaking in many parts of the UK next month and early November (see my web site for details, or the CFI UK web site, which has set up the tour) and in the NW American state of Oregon and in North Idaho later in November, and at the MJAA conference in Orlando FL in mid December.  I will have my novel available at all of those locations, and I hope my luggage as well!


Despite these turbulent days for Israel, the Middle East and much of the world, I sincerely wish all of my Jewish readers a very sweet Shana Tova for the Hebrew year 5772.  May it be a blessed year for each one of you, despite this troubled world, whether you are Jewish or not!