“Israeli government authorities have been complaining for many years that the United Nations has vastly underestimated the destabilizing impact of a nuclear armed Iran.  As they did so, Israeli leaders were routinely charged with overstating the Iranian regime’s determined drive to become a nuclear weapons regional superpower.  However with the release of the UN Atomic Agency report on November 11th detailing that Iran’s Shiite leaders are in fact far along in a nuclear weapons development program, Israeli officials have been publicly vindicated for their longstanding attempts to prompt the world to deal with the ominous Iranian nuclear threat, warning all along that if the nations do not act, Israel may be forced to take military action on its own. …”   READ MORE of this report by David Dolan

Add to the above report the recent news that Iran is conducting military maneuvers:

“Iran’s navy has started a 10-day drill in international waters near the strategic oil route that passes through the Strait of Hormuz.

The exercises, dubbed “Velayat 90”, could bring Iranian ships into proximity with United States Navy vessels in the area. “Velayat” is a Persian word for “supremacy” and it is currently used as a title of deference for the Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The war games cover a 2,000km stretch of sea off the Strait of Hormuz, northern parts of the Indian Ocean and into the Gulf of Aden, near the entrance to the Red Sea, state television reported. …”  Read more of this REPORT …

The news from the Middle East is troubling … but all these events appear to align with future biblical tensions and expected events as we have outlined on our WindowView TimeLine.