Is there an afterlife? Does prayer work? Do you Believe?


Take a look at this NBC clip about life, prayer, faith and God … and consider your belief or lack thereof as the case may be.  This clip reflects so much of what the media tell us today, but is this solid information or just a reflection of deeper issues and limited understanding?

One this is clear to people who are aware of what the Bible has to say is that humanity is rounding the historical bend to something daunting and perhaps with consequences that are eteranl.  Should you care?

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So … where do you fit in?

If you are like one of the millions who have never really read the Bible, or bothered to study the informative substance there, then you are left with no basis to consider the Hebrew and Greek scriptures are indeed relevant.  Any assumption that material life and nature is all there is, all that explains all,  is equally dangerous.  Being of an opinion of any sort minus solid information is a real problem.

Do you accept the Koran as Devine inspiration without seeking an understanding as to how that written work came into existence? What are the facts? (Some thoughts can be found on a companion page)  Mormons are little aware that the Book of Mormon was written in the US in the 1800s as theistic fiction (See the 1909 text by Dr. McNiece [PDF of McNiece’s Chapter 10] or [PDF download of original complete volume from another website, therein see Chapter Ten]). Followers of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) read their translation of the Bible tinkered with by Russell and Rutherford, but history tells neither man knew the original biblical languages.  Misconceptions of the Bible abound.  Meet a JW and they will tell you there are many gods, that they are one of the 144,000 canvassing the globe in the latter days.  But look at what the Bible says of the 144,000 … the fact is each member of this massive 144K evangelical movement is both Jewish and a virgin.  Look at the JW in front of you and ask: “Are you Jewish? Are you a virgin?” Well?

What does this all say? Knowing the reality of the reliable nature of information is key. Many of the moderns today forget the Bible stated the universe had a beginning.  Science only confirmed this fact in the Twentieth Century, thousands of years after the biblical record. For centuries biblical scholars wondered if there really was a King David!  Now, near the Temple mount in Jerusalem, in recent decades the digging reveals the City of David is fact and not fiction.  And the Bible tells us at the end of the latter days, the nations will turn against Israel.  See any trends out there now? That couldn’t have happened until after World War II when Israel became a reality in a modern sense.  And the trend of recent events seems only to ramp up to the very events that biblical prophecy states will come.  Are you observant and willing to study how factual and truthful Scripture is?

The NBC piece comes with some statistics, like 26% of those polled said being close to God was most important in their life.  What does that tell you of the remaining 74%?  The next most important priority was family, a close second at 14%.  What is important out side this top 40% devoted to God and family?  Think about it, 60% of the rest of us have other priorities in life … and not all are moral or selfless!

When 68% say God exists, are they saying “God of Israel” or “a god of some kind?”  Historically, humans have believed in wooden and metal figurines they called god, but as Abraham noted, no such figurine ever responds to anyone … those gods are dead and of no hope or help in life, then and now!

There is confusion as to what God or god is!  A force (54%), a man (27%), a human form not clearly man or woman (12%), other than human (6%) and 2% say woman … but the Bible clearly states God is spirit and we are made in His image.  Why then are there so many impressions and opinions?  You might surmise that assumptions prevail in the absence of close scrutiny, study, or a look at the validity of the Bible and the information therein … the fact of the matter is not considered by the masses.  Are you a mere lemming running into the sea of relativism and mere opinion?

What is truly awesome is that there is a Bible and a Jewish people spoken of in the ancient parts of the text AND that they and Israel exist today.  Moreover the very trends and the nature of what the Bible tells us is alive in right there on the news each and every day … and yet so many are blind to the implications.

What we discover time and again is that the popular media do so much to confuse the real issue of what is the factual basis to believe and faith.  Science digs up facts, but so too faith must rely on fact or it too is mere fiction.  Study how the Bible was written and preserved over time.  Note the connections throughout the text and how this book is alive with connections to our lives in this very moment of history!

Don’t be assured by polls and statistics that put off the urgency of knowing what is really at the heart of our existence.  Your life is in reality an opportunity to make a vital decision about why you are here!  The Bible cuts to the chase in so many ways to reveal its relevance … but until you start to explore, you are just another opinion and part of a percentage point.  Beyond mere opinions there is an opportunity … choose life!  Be alive, look and learn for yourself!

For your further consideration, the WindowView website looks at key scenarios that provide perspectives on who we are, how we got here, and what the future holds.


Window Perspective: Understanding the “Jewish Greek” Messianic Writings


The concept of a Jewish form of Greek came to our attention from Dr. Daniel Gruber’s book: Copernicus and the Jews (see cover pictured below).

First: What is Jewish Greek?
Second: What are the implications?
Third: How might this broaden your “window view” on the significance of what is commonly called the New Testament?


The term Jewish Greek essentially expresses—from an academic perspective—the fact that the grammar, certain words, and form of Greek in the Messianic writings reveals a Jewish mind and intelligence. Greek was a common medium used for written texts when the Jewish New Covenant text was recorded. But certain Hebraic expressions and words were needed to make clear the express purpose of the Greek text. We refer you to Dr.Gruber’s writings on this topic for details, but the basic take home message is critical for anyone to fully see the big picture on the Scriptures. Jewish Greek identifies the nature and background of those persons writing the text in the New Covenant.


If the Jewish Greek tells us anything for starters it’s this: The Bible is a writing put to scroll and parchment by Israel, the Jewish scribes and writers in their day. Gentiles need to recognize the older and newer texts are not testaments, because these are not writings left by a dying person. Furthermore, both the old and new describe more than one or two or more covenants … and so leads us to call the Tanach, or Hebrew Bible, the earlier writings and the latter are appropriately termed Messianic Writings due to the focus on Messiah.


Read a chapter online and order the book at:


If you are a Jew, then know the New Covenant, the Brit Chadeshah, is Jewish. That makes for the older and newer writings a harmony of covenants. In fact the Tanach is more understandable and complete with the newer Jewish Greek text. Read the newer text and claim the Messiah as yours!

If you are Gentile and call the New Covenant your Bible, then look again and ask what the context and cultural setting is for the text. When someone is speaking, to whom are they speaking? To Jews, or Gentiles, or both? Getting the context and audiences correct means getting more out of the understanding of the Word of God. In some places the meaning is accentuated by how a First Century Jewish or Gentile mind would receive the words captured in the text!

Read, discern, and see how this leads you to the future!

Recognize all this and you are getting a bigger picture. This is the foundation to the olive tree we write about in the WindowView Harmony section. Use the link below, visit the Window and find the links to Harmony! Broaden your window’s view!