SUPERBOWL: A Communication Circle is Closing

Communications A Tell Tale Sign

Interesting as the American SuperBowl may be as a sporting event, it’s also a sign of the times. Consider that for the first time ever more aspects of advertising and sports reporting will be linked to social media—all that will be linked together. Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the Apps on iPads, smart phones, other tablets, and mobile devices … the human community will be a web of attention for this one event.

Aggression A Tell Tale Sign

And while the SuperBowl is churning, wings will be ravenously consumed with brew, insanely wild bar room cheering, centrifuges keep spinning in Iran, Hezbullah stashes more rockets, negotiators think of scheduling talks, and gas stock piles in Syria raise red flags of concern. Do you want to see where bombs are being made in Iran and North Korea … Google Earth it! And then Google the Super Dome … It’s a real small world.

Signs of the Times

If you read the books of Isaiah and Daniel in the Bible you might get wind of the fact that recent events in the Middle East align nicely with expected events. The rise of hostility in the countries around Israel is really not new news … it leads to what was already reported to come … and just now we are getting there.

What Clinches the Sign of a Closing Circle

If you read the books of Daniel and Revelation there is a picture of Jerusalem when two witnesses will stand as G–d’s testimony to a mid-point in the tribulation period. The signs of aggression we see today will have turned into a sequence of events outlined in Scripture. The signs of a linked social media community, complete with global streaming video, will be the web of communication that will allow everyone on the planet to simultaneously see the two witnesses. That’s what Scripture says … everybody will see it! Ok, technologically we have arrived at that point!

Who could have imagined we would come this far at the first Super Bowl? Or even at Super Bowl XX, no one could have imagined hand held personal video broad casts that could go viral … but the day the two witnesses step on to center stage … G-d’s servants will deliver to an audience never before acquired for any Super Bowl.

With these signs we point to a tale to tell … in advance.

Enjoy the game!

BTW … have you read the books?

Time to open the window …