About WindowView

WindowView is like a metaphor … it’s a virtual window that you look out to see a bigger picture.

The view is of several key areas, including perspectives on: 1) life’s origin based on current science information (i.e., the scientific data; not personal opinions); 2) impacts of global changes (e.g. climate, social, economic, natural resources, and the sustainability of our environment), and 3) a theistic or scriptural base of information leading to an overall refinement of all that one sees.

All the window elements play out on a timeline which reflects on past, present, and soon to be seen science and scriptural perspectives. This provides a clue as to where we are headed. The WindowView is ultimately about the future and facing a choice or a crisis. What you see will determine what you choose! There is in the big picture a promise extended to you. See what the promise is and then decide whether you will choose to embrace what is offered to you … indeed a promise offered to everyone!

Take a look! Explore the window’s different feature areas to build your personal paradigm! Embrace the future with a choice!


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