What’s New in the Window? Videos!!!

A significant new addition now appears in the window.

A number of Flash-based videos are available for viewing. One is the demonstration of several praise dances. If you are not a dancer, you might like to watch and listen. For those interested in dance, the video shows side and overhead views as the dancers move through their steps.

Messages by Mr. Scott Brown, of Chosen People Ministries, cover a variety of topics. As we announce these presentations the initial pages still need a more complete description of the message in each video. If not there now, these will be added in time. Topics like Purim or Passover are fairly obvious topics and the Messianic perspective may well have an appeal to both Jewish and Gentile viewer.

If you wonder which video might be a good start … if you are Jewish … we recommend a look at the Passover or Purim messages. If you are a Gentile, these titles are also an excellent start, but if you are battling with life’s concerns, take a look at the videos on “Horses and Chariots” or “Worry,” for these reveal the wit and perception of the speaker in a unique way!

Director, WindowView