Convergence – Three Vanatage Points In One

WindowView points to a Convergence

As the new format was being created, there was a need to integrate all of the content. New navigation features help, but a new emphasis on what really summarizes the content throughout the site was desperately needed. In the past there were summary sections and a few pages entitled Convergence, but what really are we talking about?


To keep this post simple, here is one way of looking at convergence at WindowView: “Few people really stop to look at life and to understand that what is happening around the globe today was actually anticipated centuries ago.” 

If you glean the key realizations in the areas dealing with Change, Science, and Harmony … plus take a peek at the Timeline, you will see that there is an explanation for life and what is happening in the world today. Resistance to seeing where the evidence leads us … is an issue for you or others around you. In a nutshell, life is an opportunity to “get the idea why we are here” and to further understand there is a promise extended to all of us. There is even a page within the window that describes the promise.

If you visit the window, please send a comment, there are little notebook and pencil icons all around the site. Let us know what you think!