Missiles Over Middle East Rattle Like Sabers

Escalation is evident in several ways. Peace talks are ongoing while Russia arm one side and NATO countries arm the other. Again, it’s no win because the victor will be troublesome at best and then the focus will turn on Israel again … more war.

Scripture has something to say about all this.

From the window … none of the headlines below is really a surprise.

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HEADLINE: PA Negotiator: Kerry’s Chances Slim to Revive Peace Process

The chances of success of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s current efforts to resume the peace talks with Israel are slim, Palestinian negotiator Nabil Sha’ath said Wednesday.

“Kerry is still unable to put pressure on the Israeli government to meet its obligations under the terms of the peace process,” Shaath, a member of the Fatah Central Committee and the Palestinian negotiating team with Israel, told the Palestinian Authority’s Voice of Palestine radio station.

HEADLINE: Abbas urged to drop demand for settlement freeze

The Palestinian Authority’s president has told advisers that as the US tries to restart Mideast peace talks, he is under intense international pressure to return to negotiations with Israel and drop demands for a Jewish settlement freeze in the West Bank, officials said Wednesday.

In a closed meeting, Mahmoud Abbas lamented his difficult choice: rebuff the Americans and alienate Washington, or cave in and face an uproar at home.

Aides say Abbas expects a formal proposal to renew talks from US Secretary of State John Kerry in coming weeks.

HEADLINE: Israel says will act to prevent S-300 missile systems from becoming operational

Israel’s National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror sketched out what Jerusalem’s “red line” is vis-à-vis the S-300 missile systems Russia intends to send to Syria before the 27 European Union ambassadors in Israel.

Two diplomats who were in the room during the briefing last Thursday, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the meeting was a closed event, said that Amidror stressed Israel will act “to prevent the S-300 missiles from becoming operational” on Syrian soil.

“We understood from Amidror that the Israeli government thinks the missile transfer cannot be prevented, therefore it will act against them after the transfer but before they become operational,” one of the diplomats said.

HEADLINE: Syria promises ‘immediate retaliation’ if Israel strikes again

Israeli infantry soldiers take part in unit exercises in the Israeli annexed
Golan Heights near the border with Syria on May 27, 2013.
(photo: AFP)

Syria’s foreign minister warned on Wednesday that Syria “will retaliate immediately” if Israel strikes Syrian soil again. Earlier this month, Israeli warplanes allegedly struck near the Syrian capital, Damascus, targeting purported Iranian missiles intended for Bashar Assad’s ally Hezbollah, a Lebanese militia.

In an interview with the Lebanese TV station Al-Mayadeen, Walid Moallem also insisted Assad will remain Syria’s president at least until elections in 2014 and might run for another term, terms that will make it difficult for Syria’s opposition to agree to UN-sponsored talks on ending Syria’s civil war.

HEADLINE: Deepening diplomatic crisis between Israel, Russia over arms to Assad

Daily Beast reports Obama administration orders Pentagon to prepare plans to impose a no-fly zone over Syria • Russia says it will go ahead with sale of S-300 anti-aircraft system to Syria • Ya’alon: If S-300 reaches Syria, we will know what to do.

HEADLINE: Russia: Our missile sale to Assad will deter ‘hotheads’ from intervening

Russia’s deputy foreign minister said Tuesday Moscow would deliver advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, as planned, in order to deter unnamed “hotheads” from turning the civil war there into an international conflict.

HEADLINE: Iran’s presidential candidates clash over nuclear approach

Western powers are watching the June 14 election in Iran to see whether President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s successor will set a new tone in talks that have so far failed to defuse tensions over the country’s nuclear program.
Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone for all people
Zechariah 12:3

The God of Israel will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem
Zechariah 12:9
So, what comes next? In fact, the Chinese are stealing military secrets and arming themselves with the fruit of cyber-labors. What comes of that? In the end of the current era scenario, the new weapons will come to bear on the Middle East … you can read about that in the book that is a revelation!

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