Events Deliver a Crossroads with Prophetic Implications

As before we are highlighting today’s headlines from This is almost TOO MUCH to believe … a president who will push for a peace in the Middle East by leveraging all he can do and a Pope who brings to the surface a prophecy that speaks to “The End.” And you are ALIVE to see this today!

Consider the following headlines!

HEADLINE: US may increase pressure on Iran in exchange for progress with Palestinians

US President Barack Obama will reportedly offer to up pressure on Iran in exchange for Israeli concessions toward the Palestinians when he visits Israel next month.

According to a British paper, two top Netanyahu aides dispatched to Washington, Yaakov Amidror and Yitzhak Molcho, are laying the groundwork for a Tehran-for-Ramallah deal, which the White House is open to.

As part of the deal, Obama would be asked to ramp up pressure on Iran to pull back from its nuclear program, and in exchange Israel would hold talks with the PA on borders, security and even final status issues such as Jerusalem and settlements.

HEADLINE: Netanyahu names main topics for Obama visit

Netanyahu said that he and Obama have agreed on three main topics to be discussed during the visit: Iran’s nuclear program, the volatile situation in Syria and its effects on regional security and attempts to further the peace process with the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported Sunday that Israel is considering giving the Palestinians partial control over some areas of the West Bank, as well as releasing prisoners and freezing settlement construction ahead of Obama’s visit.

The paper further reported that the United States is expected to release $200 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority that it has withheld for months.

HEADLINE: Pope Benedict XVI to resign citing poor health

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign at the end of this month after nearly eight years as the head of the Catholic Church, saying he is too old to continue at the age of 85.

The unexpected development – the first papal resignation in nearly 600 years – surprised governments, Vatican-watchers and even his closest aides.

The Vatican says it expects a new Pope to be elected before Easter.

HEADLINE: Lightning hits St Peter’s hours after Pope Benedict stuns cardinals with first resignation in 600 years

Lightning strikes the basilica of St.Peter’s dome earlier this evening during a storm that struck Rome on the same day Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation

HEADLINE: St. Malachy predicted Pope Benedict’s successor will be last pope

The Irish prophet Saint Malachy has predicted that the next Pope after Benedict will be the last and he will be “Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The end.”

The prophecies of the Irish saint Malachy, the 12th century bishop of Armagh have thrilled and dismayed readers for centuries. He has stated there will be only one more pope after Benedict, and during his reign comes the end of the world.

The prediction in full is “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.”

Experts say it could refer to an Italian pope who would take Peter’s name.

The Window View

A closing thought … Scroll down and consider the concept we present in our brief video on the days of Noah. All of this really goes together quite nicely … and tell a friend … the plot thickens and you just have to keep your eyes open … and remember, it was written ahead of time a long time ago … so to speak none of this is really a surprise …