Mr. Obama Supports Whom? US or Them?


Sitting at our own personal windows allows us to see, hear, and think about the world. But in our busy day-to-day activities, do we really connect the dots? Do we acknowledge the huge implications of a passing headline? Or are we just absorbed in meeting our daily needs?

The President of the United States on the one hand has been fighting terrorism. The death of Al-Queda leaders is testimony to that fact. But funding a country in its most unstable hour of political history … Far surpasses questionable intent when the recipients may cause further terror in an unstable region of the world. Why did Mr. Obama do it?


If you are a Muslim, you very much like what Mr. obama did by funding Egypt this spring. If you read the Bible, the implications are equally obvious and very different. If you are of no opinion or position, then consequences will come as they mY. But again, why did Mr. Obama do it?

We leave you at the window to view and think this one over for yourself. We believe the unrest in Egypt will only spread, and that is in harmony with Scripture—albeit a horrible prospect.


Further down this page we provide access to a YouTube video. Our first viewing led us to doubt the spin on what is presented … but then there are other links on the web that fill in the story.

Articles on the web that back up the video presentation below, include:

1 – Canada Free Press.

2 – National Review:

3 – C-SPAN Congressional Presenter:


Republicans beware … US put on notice … What do you think?

We ask you to discern what all this means. Unfortunately, none of this seems to lead to more peace or stability. So why did Mr. Obama do it? Why is he surpassing the people, Congress, and asserting his will in this way? Think about it! Draw your own conclusions.


BTW: has no political interests nor political affiliations … other than an interest in the Kingdom to come … evidently that comes sooner than we may have thought in previous days.