Harmonious Cartoons – Crater Critters

The WindowView web site is home to some cartoons that convey a special set of unique messages. Some relate to God as the Big Dude. And where better to do this but from the grand open spaces of outer space! The cartoons also cover some of the many themes you’ll find in the WindowView.

All of the cartoons are presented from the perspective of a couple of moon-based creatures. As you can see, the cartoon strip is called Crater Critters. From this comic strip you’ll get to know Wiggy and Crater. Wiggy is a bit more ‘with it’ and Crater is the moon critter who always questions things. Click on the image above and you’ll arrive at a menu from which to choose a cartoon.

Take a look and you’ll discover that from Science to Scripture, from global change to prophetic writings, these two critters span a universe of topics.

Director, WindowView.org