Secret Place: Plain Language Thoughts from the Window

The original and current intent of WindowView is to provide a unique perspective that draws on topics from science, change, and faith. The scientific information of today is now so sophisticated as to reveal that life s really not a product of chance. Being alive is therefore special and comes with purpose. Global changes on Earth appear to be closing in on life, all life, all over the planet.  Change reminds us to think about how fragile our existence is!

Once we realize that life is special and temporary, in this material world of this day, we can then use the window as a lens to look to a spiritual side of our being.  This in essence is given to us as an awareness, this is part of being human.

To address a number of themes that go to the core of building faith, we have added a new sub-section within the Window, called: The Secret Place.

Inside this separate viewing space are short descriptions of key topics that are an essential part of building a solid faith foundation, in alphabetic order: Apologetics, Atonement, Fullness of the Gentles, In The Flesh, Olive Tree, Prayer, Prophesy, Reality, Salvation, and Sin and the Torah.  Use the link to The Secret Place to take a look at these short descriptions.  We’ve tried to keep the wording simple and easy to read.

And if you find other topics in the menu, well that is because we are thinking of adding a few more titles that fit this area of the Window.  And please, feel free to send a comment and let us know if you find these pages helpful reading!