Welcome to the Window!

This weblog, or blog, is created to focus on a subset of the Window’s larger view!  Think of a window having a frame and separte panes of glass mounted within.  The window can be visualized as a metaphor for every area of life, all the topics one can imagine as viewable.

The Window is a Thinking Place in Cyberspace

Rest your elbow on the window sill … make this a vantage point for personal thinking … and be certain to discern what is truth versus what is hype and misleading assumptions of this era.  We look here to an event horizon, a point in time ahead, when certain anticipated events will arise.  Like the sun rise in the morning, we sit at the window and view a series of topics, much like the arc of the sun throughout a day, arriving to very different views as evening apporaches.  Even then the window reveals an evening and night time landscape.

The Winow’s Vantage Point Gives You the Bigger Picture

All together this describes life, purppose, and something eternal.  In the context of the Harmony, it is a view to the Eternal order of things.  More than a material view, grasp the spirit of this thinking place to be swept up in the Spirit to embody a personal change.

If anything is certain in the world today, it’s change.  And a changing landscape on an historical scale is why the window includes a timeline for you to view.  More than that, change is leading all humanity somewhere, but where?  We all need to assess the direction to which we are headed.

The entire view includes scientific topics of this day, a view on global changes, and finally interesting approaches to seeing something often ignored from a scriptural perspective.  Take a look, think, and explore!

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