HARMONY Area Updates!


We have added introduction videos to the home page and to several of he feature areas.  A Harmony Area introduction is now posted for you to watch.  While a viewing of the main site introduction is advisable, simply watching the Harmony introduction will help give a better sense of what’s here at WindowView.


There is also a surprise for our visitors, we have added about a half dozen music videos.  More are to follow in days to come, but for now you can explore the Harmony pages and find these praise songs.  The audio and video have been engineered to give some varied visual effects with the different songs.  And if you are diligent enough, there are even links to separate areas where you can stay in one place and watch one music video after another!


Sone time ago, we offered a number of videos with messages on a number of varied themes.  Not all the videos were given clear titles or explained anywhere.  This is something that in many cases has been remedied!  Our Leadership series, for example, now has a web site page dedicated to each video and on that page is a thumbnail description of what the video is about.  Read a little before watching if you like!

As we see events in the news focus on issues that are also represented here, we realize how much more important the Harmony Area is becoming.  The best way to see the linkage between all the elements of the Window’s View is to have introductions that tie the multiple perspectives together.  Let us know if this helps!  Send us comments if you have any suggestions!

Director, WindowView.org