Israel News an Important Correspondent

As of this blog post, the WindowView has an updated set of news articles.  The correspondent who writes these reports may be familiar to some of our visitors, but if not, take a look at the writings of David Dolan.

Why pay attention to Mr. Dolan?  The answer is relatively simple.  His reporting is generally written in a reasonable and plain language style.  He has an insider view to what is going on in Israel.  Further, he also is an author with an eye on current events and biblical prophecy.  This is not a sensationalistic source, but one that is well grounded and well researched.

Mr. Dolan is a professional writer who originally reported for a major news organization.  Over time he moved to Israel on a rather permanent basis and routinely writes his monthly report that you can subscribe to if you wish.  Each of our posts mirrors his reports and you can use the information provided to subscribe to his listserve.

So, take a look at the page map for all articles we have on file going back to 2005 and up to the present issue!

Director, WindowView