WindowView Time Line Update

Earlier in 2010 the WindowView webpages experienced a rather large format change. Unfortunately, in the process, the Timeline pages uniformly experienced a problem with links addressing other pages at the site. This problem is now fixed. Further, with recent events and mounting tensions in the Middle East, we are aware that timeline pages from 2008 to the presnt need to be updated. This will be accomplished soon.

If you are unfamiliar with the Timeline here at WindowView, then we invite you to take a look. The timeline extends from Eternity Past to Eternity Future. A journey from the initial timeline page to the last page with current events reveals how human actitiy in the spheres of science and biblical events has been mounting, growing, and increasing with time. Like a musical piece that grows to a climax, human history tends to illustrate how activity on the Earth seems to blend right into the biblical timeline and expected events … which we illustrate from a prophetic perspective on the last page of the timeline!

Take a look!

Director, WindowView