Media Don’t Get It: Rockets Essentially Kill Gazans

Media So Insensitive As to Look Like Fools The video below is an example how a news commentator clearly and completely misses the point.  So much so, one has to wonder if this isn’t subtle anti-Semitism … after all, the rockets fly overhead in the interview …

What Is the Full Story Here! The media at large play up what we agree is a sad loss of innocent people in Gaza BUT without reporting the real and full tragedy … the stupidity of hatred and the rocketeers themselves.  Pure hatred sends the rockets and the defense of Israel is slanted as a culprit.  Hard to believe that the media don’t realize that thinking people are shocked by the lack of real reporting … but then sensationalism sells more than truth!


Please pray the fighting stops … but then again since the chronology of future biblical events leads to a very different resolution of the fighting, no one here is surprised by the hatred in the ranks of Hamas  (whose days are numbered).

Update: July 27 US President appeals to Israel to stop shooting at Gaza. Even during cease fire Hamas shoots off hundreds of rockets. Israel resumes responding and ends the unilateral cease fire, because the rockets keep coming. So we say: “Obama you have got to be kidding! If someone kept shelling the US, what would you do?”


Rocket Town

We recently came across a video that represents what it is really like in Israel where rockets land.

This report filmed in 2012 tells a story of deaths and injuries so often left unreported while the world is shown images of people in Gaza suffering from Israel’s responses.  Bottom line is no one should have to suffer rockets or bombs … but many times Israel’s retaliations end up as reports of aggression and the media do not balance the reporting.

VIDEO HERE  ( <– link )

The best we can do is to ask you to watch this video and realize the entire exchange of weapons is needless … and yet this is a reflection of something deeper and the conflict will keep going until God’s hand ends the unrest.

Also, while many rockets are now being intercepted by Israel’s ‘Iron Dome,’ the cost of antimissile missiles is a drain on Israel’s economy and the sirens still blast alerts that require citizens to dash to bomb shelters.  The trauma of interrupting one’s daily routine, multiple times a day, is an emotional wound suffered across the populace att large.