Dolan Update September – October

To all our readers at the Window, you might be interested in David Dolan’s book which is recently updated … read below:

Shalom to all,

It was another month of dramatic news emanating from the turbulent Middle East as the United States teetered on the edge of launching a punishing military strike upon the embattled Syrian Assad regime. The Israeli government and people followed developments very closely, knowing they could easily get caught up in the unpredictable repercussions of such action. Details of the month’s unfolding news concerning Syria and other topics is contained in this Israel news review and analysis report below.

Next month, I’m scheduled to speak at an Israel conference to be held in the Mexican city of Monterrey, southwest of Corpus Christi Texas. Although the area was hit hard by a hurricane earlier this month, I am hearing that all is well and the conference will go on. Among other things, I plan to share my thoughts about the crisis in Syria and how it might connect to an ancient prophecy found in Isaiah 17 which foretells the total destruction of Damascus, Syria’s capital city. As many of you know, this prophecy forms the background for the opening scenario in my first end time novel, THE END OF DAYS, originally written in the mid-1990s. An updated electronic version recently went on sale on the web site. In the novel, I describe a massive Syrian chemical weapons strike upon Israel that ultimately leads to an Israeli nuclear response. For details about the conference and/or my books, check out my web site,

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